Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid - Stephanie & Radzig Location

Night Raid is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Once you start it, you’ll have to execute a nighttime raid on Talmberg castle, where Ishtvan is holding lord Radzig and lady Stephanie hostage. You and Hans will sneak in looking for the prisoners, while the rest of your unit will keep watch and have your backs. The missions is full of bugs, but there’s a cheap and easy way to skip it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid quest.

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kingdom come deliverance night raid quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid – Stephanie & Radzig Location

Where to find Stephanie & Radzig?

After you sneak into the castle courtyard and enter the house where the hostages are supposed to be, you’ll find a bunch of peasants there instead. As you leave the house, Hans will get shot in the backside, and you’ll have to carry him out while fighting a dozen bandits. Since the gate is lowered, you’ll have to take him up to the battlements and to the ladder you used to breach the castle.

It will seem like you failed, but the quest will be completed. You’re supposed to fail it. The hostages aren’t there, and the entire excursion was futile.

How to complete Night Raid quest quickly?

If you just want to get over it as quickly as possible, let the first guard you run into see you. He’ll raise the alarm, and you can run back to the ladder and complete the quest without even entering the courtyard. Easy peasy.

Night Raid quest bugs

If you want to “finish” the quest the “proper way”, make sure you don’t kill all the guards in the courtyard. There’s a bug that stops them from raising the alarm if they’re dead (surprise, surprise). If you kill them all before you enter the house, there will be no one left to shoot Hans in the butt, and this will for some reason prevent you from completing the mission.

There’s another delightful bug that stops you from picking Hans up after he gets shot. There’s nothing you can do about it, apart from reloading an earlier save. Another cute issues is the one that doesn’t let you store your equipment before the quest, or stops you from taking it back by treating it as stealing. When Robard tells you to store your stuff, simply unequip it – he won’t know the difference.