Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds Quest Possibly Bugged for Some

The Weeds quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance has you pulling weeds for Brother Nicodemus. Despite its simplicity, it can get pretty frustrating. This is because the Weeds quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be bugged at the very end. Not only that, but the quest can get pretty obtuse in some instances, such as the weeding process itself. So, let’s see how to finish Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds quest.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds Quest Possibly Bugged for Some
Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds Quest Possibly Bugged for Some

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between bugs and gameplay features in Kingdom Come Deliverance. One such instance is the Weeds quest, where brother Nicodemus tasks you with weeding his garden. Some players are confused with not getting any kind of confirmation after pulling all the dandelions, thistles, and nettles. That’s not a bug; you don’t get any confirmation. At no point will the game tell you that you’re done weeding. You have to go to Nicodemus, and he’ll go and see what you’ve done for himself. Only then do you learn if you did a good job. However, other players have been complaining about not getting a reward at the end, or Nicodemus judging their work as poor, even if they picked every single weed. Those might indeed be bugs. Some have even killed Nicodemus in frustration.

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How to Complete Weeds Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

After talking to Nicodemus at the monastery and agreeing to weed the garden, head over to the two plots that he wants you to weed. Pick every single dandelion, thistle, and nettle you see. Be super careful about not targeting the mint or eyebright; it’s easy to mess up. It’s not a bad idea to weed the area around the two plots, too; at least a few paces. Some players have even resorted to weeding the area behind the wall, but that’s probably not necessary. Then, go back and report to Nicodemus.

Here’s the catch. When Nicodemus starts going towards the garden, you absolutely must run ahead of him to double-check. There might be weeds that have grown back in the meantime, so you have to pick them quickly, before Nicodemus arrives. Luckily, he’s slow, so you’ll have a few precious seconds to tidy everything up. When prompted, talk to Nicodemus again to complete the quest and get your reward.

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  1. A

    It’s got to be bugged for me. The first time I did it, he told me I better try again because I might have missed a few. And he let me pick again and then come back to him. The second time around, because I had to reload an old save due to a bad dialog choice later on about Father Simon, I came back to do it again and every single time, this time, no matter how clear of weeds the garden is, even every bit around the garden, he gets angry and tells me “You call that finished?! I better do it myself!”

    I don’t understand what the difference could be between him telling me I missed a few and telling me I didn’t finish and no reward at all. It’s ridiculous.

  2. K

    Tried this it doesn’t work I thought of this before googling the issue of that quest being unpassable.Now after reading everything, my next step will be to let the quest sit and come back with a higher alchemy & herbalism level to see if that will affect it.

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