Kingdom Come Deliverance Raiders - Where to find Cuman Camps

Raiders is an activity in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s not a proper quest, so to speak, but a string of smaller tasks which are all basically the same. Your goal is to clear out bandit camps, and bring proof of your deeds to Robard. It’s ripe with bugs, as you’d expect, which means a lot of players are getting stuck here. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide about Kingdom Come Deliverance Raiders.

kingdom come deliverance raiders quest cuman camps
Kingdom Come Deliverance Raiders – Where to find Cuman Camps

Where to find bandit camps?

The camps are supposed to be marked on your map – not directly, but as an area of interest. The thing is, even if you do find and clear them out, the fact that the game didn’t mark them means you won’t be able to complete the quest. Players who’ve found the camps on their own got an unpleasant surprise when they wanted to turn the proof in to Robard – he ignored them.

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In other words, ignore this quest until a patch fixes it up. You won’t be able to complete it either way.

Raiders quest bugs

Apart from the camps not being marked on the map, the questline is plagued by several other bugs. Some claim they couldn’t hand over the proof to Robard. Others say the bandit captains didn’t even drop the ears, masks or helmets. Others still had Robard ignore them completely. There were even reports of people managing to get it all to work, only to get stuck when the last bandit leader wouldn’t drop a mask. There is no way to complete this quest chain at this moment – hopefully a patch will be out soon.

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