Kingdom Come Deliverance Rob the Rich Quest Vagabond in Pillory Bug

Rob the Rich, Give to the Poor is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You get it from the Vagabond in the Rattay refugee camp. The problem with it, though, is that there seems to be a glitch preventing anyone from completing the Rob the Rich quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s a shame, especially because it happens at the very end of the quest.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Rob the Rich Quest Vagabond in Pillory Bug
Kingdom Come Deliverance Rob the Rich Quest Vagabond in Pillory Bug

Much like the Bird in the Hand quest and many others, the Rob the Rich, Give to the Poor has a bug that prevents you from finishing it. At the very end of the whole quest chain, when you’re supposed to talk to the Vagabond who gave you the quest, you just can’t. People have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

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How to complete Rob the Rich, Give to the Poor Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The first step in the quest is to steal 50 Groschen from Pazdera, one of the Rattay guards. This task isn’t too difficult, especially since the game will mark Pazdera’s location for you. You can simply follow the guard around until he stops, leaving you an open window to either knock him out or pick his pockets. Be careful not to get noticed, of course. The second part of this quest is also not complicated. The townswoman you’re supposed to rob will be marked for you. Pick your moment, sneak up to her, and take her 50 Groschen, then return to the Vagabond. Again, be careful not to get noticed; always remember to close doors behind you when trespassing.

The third part of the quest will have you stealing a silver ring from Wolfram Pruda. Wait until dark, then go find Pruda on the map. He should be asleep at this point. Knock him out and steal the ring. As always, make sure you’re not seen. The fourth and final step of this quest chain is the most difficult, but it’s still not that hard. You’ll have to journey to Ledetchko and take the guild seal from the trader. The trader is not an easy target during the day, so it’s probably best to wait until night. Then, find where the trader is on the map, go to him, and steal the seal however you see fit. Go back to Rattay. Unfortunately, this is where your journey ends. The vagabond will be in pillories, and you’ll have no way of communicating with him until the developers fix this issue.

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  1. A

    Have they patched this?

  2. J

    I robbed Wolfram and never found a ring on him, have used his key to rob everything and everyone in his house, with no results. Good thing I’m using the “save anytime” mod or these buggy quests would have driven me CRAZY.

    1. J

      Yup, it’s borderline unplayable without the mod at this stage.

  3. P
    Paul Atreides

    Another God damn reason NOT to pre-order games. They won’t fix their games before selling them, we shouldn’t buy a broken product. It’s as much as selling a burning house.

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