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Restless Spirit is one of the many quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance, that will send you find Necronomicon. If you decide to pursue it, you’ll have to help a woman who thinks she’s being haunted by the ghost of her dead neighbor. You’ll have to perform a smudging ritual (a kind of exorcism), and get a cross for the gravestone from a particular quarry. Some things are poorly explained, others are ridden with bugs – either way, there’s a lot of trouble to be had here. That’s why we’re written this Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit quest guide.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Drahomira
Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit – Smudging, Quarry, Book

How to perform smudging ritual (exorcism)?

You’ll need the flowers from the grave marked on your map, as well as ten pieces of poppy. You’ll find this out when the herbalist sends you to Drahomira. The ritual cannot be performed if you have less than that, so don’t go selling them or crafting potions after you finish the previous objective.

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If you haven’t bought 10 poppies from the herbalist, you can find them in a field east from Sasau. This settlement is your next stop – it’s where Alois’s grave is. The cemetery flowers are on top of the grave with the wooden cross, close to the vines.

Cemetery Flowers Restless Spirit Kingdom Come Deliverance
Cemetery Flowers

When you have all the items, talk to Drahomira to start the ritual. You can decide to do it in Latin or English. We’ve done it in Latin, although we kind of regret it, because hearing Henry trying to pull this off in English might’ve been more entertaining.

To see if the ritual was successful, speed up the time and talk to Drahomira at half past six in the morning. She will then give you the next step.

Where to find Necronomicon?

The next step will take you to apothecary Konyash in Rattay. He opens his store at 9 AM. His store is close to the Rattay Lower Gate. If you’ve done some quests for him before, he will remember and agree to help you out. He will ask you to bring him a book in Latin that’s kept under lock and key in the monastery. It is called Liber de Mortuis – the Necronomicon.

It is in the monastery north from Sasau. At this point, it wasn’t marked for us, and we had to find it manually. As you go through the monastery’s southern gate, you’ll see stairs on your left. Be sure it’s midnight, when almost everyone in there is asleep, or you’ll get in trouble. We decided to use a Nighthawk potion, as it is a lot more useful than a torch.

Go up the wooden stairs and continue to the first door on your right. From this room, you have to go deeper into the monastery until you reach the library. As soon as you enter this room, look to your left. There is a big closet there, with a very hard lock. Inside this closet, you’ll find the Necronomicon I book.

If you don’t have the required skill to open the lock, you’ll have to go even further into the compound. Go down the stairs, through the door on your right toward the Monastery ground hallway. Go through the second passage on your right, the one with the four stone stairs. Go up the wooden stairs to the next floor.

The sleeping monks in the dormitory will wake up if you walk too fast. Look for the Brother Librarian, sleeping among the others. You’ll have to pickpocket him, and get the closet key – it will allow you to open the closet with the Necronomicon. Get back to the apothecary in Rattay and give him the book to complete this step.

Necronomicon Book Location Kingdom Come Deliverance
Necronomicon Book Location

Alois’s Wife’s Grave and Something of His

Go back and talk to Drahomira. She will give you an additional piece of the puzzle – you’ll have to find Alois’s wife’s grave and something that belonged to Alois.

Something of his will be marked on the map, but to reveal his wife’s grave, you’ll need to talk to some villagers. Both of them are north from the town, on either side of the stream.

Enter the burnt house and pick up the burnt wood from Alois’ farm, then visit the grave on the other side. Get back to the Apothecary and meet him at the crossroad in northern Ledetchko in the evening (21:00, 9 PM).

How to get to the quarry & order a cross?

The ritual won’t work, sadly. Your final option will be to speak with a priest – the friendly father Godwin from Uzhitz. Go there, and get his input.

Your next grand idea will be to erect a cross to try an appease the lost soul. You can skip this step by telling Drahomira you’ve had enough, but we strongly suggest you don’t. To order a cross from the quarry, you’ll have to travel west from Talmberg and talk to Rupert. He wakes up not too early in the morning, and wears a red shirt. If you get the cross, you’ll see a nice cutscene at the end, a conclusion to this long quest, 20 more Groschen and Drahomira’s ring with 15 charisma.

Order a Cross Quarry Restless Spirit Kingdom Come Deliverance
Order a Cross from Rupert, in the Quarry.

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