Kingdom Come Deliverance Tricks of the Trade Blacksmith Mikesh's Song

Tricks of the Trade is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In it, you have to discover a “spell” that Sasau blacksmith Mikesh recites while tempering steel. Then, you have to recite it back to the blacksmith in Ledetchko, who gives you the quest. The song can be difficult to memorize, so let’s go over Blacksmith Mikesh’s song in Kingdom Come Deliverance and see where to find him.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Tricks of the Trade Blacksmith Mikesh's Song
Kingdom Come Deliverance Tricks of the Trade Blacksmith Mikesh’s Song

at the start of the quest, you learn that the blacksmith in Ledetchko has heard tell that the Sasau blacksmith, Mikesh, uses some kind of magic spell while tempering steel. Spoiler alert: Of course it’s not magic. He just recites some nonsense that helps him time the stages of tempering. Still, that’s very useful information, so the Ledetchko blacksmith will want to know it. And that’s where this quest becomes annoying. You have to memorize his rhyme. If you forget any stage of it, you’ll have to go back and listen again.

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Blacksmith Mikesh’s Rhyme – Tricks of the Trade Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Mikesh isn’t too hard to find, since the game will mark the blacksmith’s location on the map. If you’re having trouble finding him, check out the maps below. You kinda have to observe Mikesh from a distance, and the lyrics to his “song” will appear above his head. Don’t approach him too close, because he’ll get annoyed. Just find a safe distance from where you can read the words, and listen to the whole thing. If you have a high speech score, you can convince Mikesh to explain his tempering process and make the whole thing easier on yourself.

As for the rhyme itself, here’s the order in which you have to choose the options you have to select, courtesy of Reddit user nramos33. The first line starts with The sun sets out across the skies, followed by the Kutten is far, far away line, then My Breath is Short…, The sun may burn…, He heated it again…, The sun hides behind the clouds…, He drowned the fish…, and, lastly, the Fry your fish line. Recite this to the Ledetchko blacksmith, and you’ll complete the quest.

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  1. B

    Thanks not sure if my game is bugged but no words appeared above his head

    1. J

      That’s probably a bug, yes.

    2. D

      Possibly you were just a little too far away, or you have the corresponding subtitling option disabled.

  2. S
    SrA Robert Peterman

    I recited the poem to him just now exactly as written down.

    The sun sets out..
    My breath is short….
    The sun may burn….
    2nd set
    The sun he hides…
    He drowned the fish….
    fry your fish….

    That part of the mission fails (optional). He says something like “that’s no way to temper anything.” But I can still explain to him the steps that I got from talking to the Sasau blacksmith.
    Has this been changed?

    1. C

      I’m having the same issue, I wrote it down and when I repeated it to him he said the timing is all off and i don’t complete the quest, i think this may be a big in the current version.

      1. R

        You have to talk about tempering to the sasau blacksmith. That when you will know he tempers his blade twice and then only the verse can be repeated

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