Kingdom Come Deliverance Gear Marked as Stolen in Die is Cast Quest

Die is Cast is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s been giving problems to some players. The reason is that, when they try to get their gear back from the monastery, it gets tagged as stolen. Some may think it’s a glitch; god knows, the game has enough of them. However, that’s not necessarily the case. So, let’s unravel the mystery, and also see how to get bandit dice in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gear Marked as Stolen in Die is Cast Quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Gear Marked as Stolen in Die is Cast Quest

Kingdom Come Deliverance often goes for some strange details that other RPGs don’t. The example for this is the Die is Cast quest. Before it, in the Needle in a Haystack, you have to leave all of your equipment to the monastery and become a novice there. Then, when you finish, you naturally want to get your stuff back. The moment you try, though, your gear gets marked as stolen. This has confused a ton of people, and they think it’s a bug. It’s not. You gave up your items to the monastery, they belong to the monastery now. So, if you take it, it’s stealing. That’s not to say that this quest isn’t without it’s issues, which brings us to…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance – How to Get Dice in The Die is Cast Quest?

To get the dice you need to proceed in the game, you have to go to the point which you and the bandits agreed upon. It doesn’t matter what you do with Pious. Just go where you said you would be and do what it takes to make them come to you. Eventually, they’ll try to kill you, so get ready for a tussle. Kill them all, and loot their corpses for the dice.

When you get the special bandit die, head over to Sasau and talk to the innkeeper. He’ll tell you that the bandits are gathering in Vranik, and the game will give you a waypoint towards it. It’s south of Sasau. You can also go and report to Hanush and Radzig. Be warned, if you go inside Vranik Hillfort, it will abort some quests, so be careful. For other Kingdom Come Deliverance, head over to one of our other articles, including Money for Old Rope – Poison, Sword, Tongs and All That Glisters – How to defeat Knight.

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