Kingdom Come Deliverance Talmberg Armor Location

Talmberg armor is one of the first outfits you’ll be able to acquire in Kingdom Come Deliverance. The reason it’s interesting is that having this suit of armor is one of the ways to escape the castle early on, without rousing suspicion. Playing the sympathy card with the guard at the gate will add the objective to get the armor. It’s pretty well hidden, so a number of players are having trouble finding it. That’s why we’ve written a guide with the Kingdom Come Deliverance Talmberg armor location.

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Where to find Talmberg armor?

You’ll only get this objective if you talk to guard Radim at the gate, and tell him that you need to bury your dead parents. In order to get the armor, you’ll need a lockpick. You can buy one from Votava, the trader in the village square, but you’ll need cash. You can get cash by stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and selling it to Votava. We recommend the kitchen – there’s a room next to it with lots of loot.

kingdom come deliverance talmberg armor

Once you have the lockpick, head to the castle. As soon as you set foot inside, look to the right and you’ll see a set of stairs. Climb them, and you’ll end up on the wall. Turn right immediately, and you’ll see a tiny room there. There’s a chest in the room, guarded by a very easy lock.

Go inside, close the door and pick the lock. Make sure you save before trying this, in case you break your unreasonably expensive lockpick. If you’re playing on PC, use the mouse and keyboard for this, even if you usually play with a controller. In the chest, you’ll find all the clothing items you need. Dress up, go back to Radim, and he’ll let you out.

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