Kingdom Come Deliverance Gets Mods to Save Without Savior Schnapps Whenever You Want

Kingdom Come Deliverance has a somewhat clunky and frustrating save system. People have already started modding the game in order to be able to quick save in Kingdom Come Deliverance without having to resort to using savior schnapps, the “save potion” of the game. So, the lesson here is, realism in games is good, but can go overboard. Let’s see how you can quick save without using savior schnapps in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gets Mods to Save Without Savior Schnapps
Kingdom Come Deliverance Gets Mods to Save Without Savior Schnapps

How to Quick Save Kingdom Come Deliverance Without Using Savior Schnapps?

In order to quick save Kingdom Come Deliverance without using the Savior Schnapps save potion, you’ll either have to download a mod, or tinker with the game’s files. These methods work for now, but could become inefficient once the game starts getting its first patches. If you still want to play the game “properly”, check out our article on how to save the game in Kingdom Come Deliverance. That being said, let’s get into the methods of circumventing the rules.

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The first, and easiest way to save without Savior Schnapps, is to download one of the mods from Nexus Mods. These mods allow you to save whenever you want. There are two to choose from. One allows you to save the game without having any savior schnapps in your inventory. The other lets you save as long as you have at least one savior schnapps. Check out our article on how to craft savior schnapps if you don’t know how to. Before you start messing with the files, make sure you back up your saves and other important game files. Then, download the mod you want, and open the game folder in the Steam folder. Open the Data folder, and extract the zip file into it. When you want to save, use the Escape key menu. Don’t drink the savior schnapps, since you’ll still lose it that way. Again, this might become useless after patches start coming out.

If you prefer to do everything manually, there’s a way to do that, too, provided by Neoseeker. It might be that one of the mods is based on this method. According to them, this system requires at least one savior schnapps in your inventory, but it won’t get consumed. They do note that this method “renders many perks weak or useless,” so keep that in mind. Again, back up all the important files before doing this, and don’t expect it to last after patches. Here’s how to perform this:

  1. Navigate to your install folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance).
  2. Open the data folder.
  3. Backup the GameData.pak file just in case.
  4. Right click GameData.pak and select 7-Zip (download and install it if you don’t have it) > Open archive.
  5. Navigate to Libs\UI\UIActions\ and open MM_SaveGame.xml with Wordpad or Notepad (or another text editor of your choice).
  6. Hit Ctrl + F and search for the two lines that say UsePotion=”1″.
  7. Replace the 1 with a 0 in both instances and save the file. Say yes when it asks if you want to save the changes you made to the archive.
  8. Close everything and start the game. Now you can save from the menu at any time.
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