Witcher Netflix Series Pilot Episode Has Been Written

The writing of the pilot episode of the planned Netflix adaptation of the Witcher has been completed. Of course, there’s a ton more to be done, and the series will be a while still. Regardless, this is a pretty important milestone.

Witcher Netflix Series Pilot Episode Has Been Written
Witcher Netflix Series Pilot Episode Has Been Written

Ever since Netflix announced that they’ll be adapting The Witcher as a series, people have been eagerly awaiting for any update on the situation. Of course, the series is still in very early stages, so it might be a while since we actually get to watch it. That being said, the series has met a pretty important milestone. The pilot episode of the Netflix Witcher series has been written, and is “out for notes”. This was announced by writer Lauren S. Hissrich on her Twitter.

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Needless to say, fans are pretty excited about this development of events. Immediately, people started asking what the first season will be based on. And, indeed, that’s an interesting question. Will it lean at least a little bit into the games? Will they even take the games into account at all? So far, it doesn’t seem like they’ll mind the games much; the books are front and center. Someone on Twitter has found a picture of Lauren Hissrich with a copy of The Last Wish hidden. Is this a hint or a red herring? We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the other things we know, there are several characters that have been confirmed to appear in the series. There are no surprises here, though. Aside from Geralt, we can look forward to seeing Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, and Dandelion. Oh, and Roach, of course. It might be a while before we get the Netflix adaptation of Witcher, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as events unfold.

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