Kingdom Hearts 3 Wellspring Crystal Material Search

Wellspring Crystal is one of the synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a crafting ingredient that’s used in creating many items, including the Ultima Weapon keyblade. Although it’s widely used in making higher level crystals, it’s a pretty rare thing. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will help you with your Kingdom Hearts 3 Wellspring Crystal material search.

kingdom hearts 3 wellspring crystal material search
Kingdom Hearts 3 Wellspring Crystal Material Search

Where to find Wellspring Crystal in KH3?

The Wellspring Crystal is the third-tier of rarity, which means you’ll have to break a sweat to get it. Sadly, you won’t be able to find any stashed around the levels. Instead, you’ll have to kill specific monsters and hope for the best. It’s not ideal, but we have some guidelines that should help cut down the farming time.

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First off, none of the enemies before Monstropolis can drop it. Secondly, it seems like heartless enemies drop it more often than others. You have two choices here. You can either stay in Monstropolis, and hope the shallow pool of rare materials available results in your getting it more often, or you can head on to one of the later areas and hope the increased drop rate for rare materials works out in your favor.

We’ve heard reports of people getting lots of Wellspring Crystals from the level one Battlegate in San Fransokyo (around three crystals per run). You could try checking this out, but keep in mind these portals become available only after you’ve beaten the game. It’s a good source of crystals if you’re gunning for the best keyblade, but if you need it earlier on, it won’t make sense to wait for this activity to unlock.

Either way, make sure you think long and hard when you decide to spend them. As you can see, Wellspring Crystals are hard to obtain and shouldn’t be spent frivolously.

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    Anchor Raiders drop them on the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Three Raiders appear on Lucky Island, and one on the pirate ship that appears south of Lucky Island. Loop between the ship and Lucky Island, and you can farm the Wellspring Crystals. It’ll take time, because the drop rate is a bit low, but not insanely so. They also drop Lucid Crystals and Wellspring Gems.

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    What a horrible, poorly-written guide! It has no helpful information or specifics! Wtf. Thanks to that first commenter. Shame on you Pavle!

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