Kingdom Hearts 3 Endgame - What To Do After The Story

When you finish the story in Kingdom Hearts 3, the game doesn’t end. New things unlock, giving you endgame challenges you can undertake if you’re feeling up to it. It’s sometimes hard to let go of the game after so many hours, so it’s a good thing there’s some post-game content to ease us off. If you’re wondering about the things you can do after the story, keep reading our Kingdom Hearts 3 endgame guide.

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kingdom hearts 3 endgame
Endgame – What To Do After The Story

KH3 endgame content

After you complete the story, the first thing you’ll notice is a popup that lets you know battlegates have been unlocked. There are 14 of these battle portals across the game’s world. Each one will teleport you to an arena where you’ll fight increasingly difficult enemies in order to get fancy new items. You can repeat them as many times as you like, which means they’re good for farming materials. The last one is home to the Dark Inferno secret boss, which is the biggest challenge in the game.

Another thing you can use to keep busy is crafting the Ultima Weapon. This is the best keyblade in the game, which offers massive stat boosts and gives you three new skills. However, in order to craft it, you’ll first have to unlock 58 synthesis recipes. Once you’ve unlocked the blueprint, you’ll have to collect the materials, which include the rare and elusive orichalcum+.

Finally, you can now go looking for any missing lucky emblems in peace. The game will even nudge you towards this option, mainly because you’ll need a bunch of them to unlock the secret ending. Depending on the difficulty level, you might even have to collect them all before you can watch the newly-added cinematic, and there’s 90 of them in total. That may take a while.

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