Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum Plus Locations - How to Get

Orichalcum+ is a synthesis material in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s extremely rare – there’s only a handful of units of this material in the entire game, and it is used in crafting only the most exquisite items. Since there is so little of it, you’ll need to make every piece count. For that, you’ll probably want to know all Kingdom Hearts 3 orichalcum+ locations.

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kingdom hearts 3 orichalcum locations
Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum plus Locations – How to Get

Where to find orichalcum plus in KH3?

#1 – There are only seven nuggets of orichalcum+ in the game. The easiest one to get is available at the Post Box in Twilight Town. Talk to the shopkeeper and buy something. Every time you do, you’ll get a raffle ticket, which lets you take part in the Moogle Raffle. The ore is one of the prizes, so just save your game before you start, and keep reloading until you’ve got the orichalcum plus. It’s a bit tedious, but it’s basically free.

#2 You can also find one in a treasure chest in the Caribbean. Board your ship and go to Exile Island, in the western half of the map. Once you’re there, head into the jungle and look for a chest nested between rocks.

#3 There’s another one in a treasure chest, this time at the Keyblade Graveyard. Spawn at the badlands and turn around immediately. You’ll see a pink portal. Enter it, and you’ll end up in a strange place with another portal and a chest containing your orichalcum.

#4 The remaining four are anything but easy. For instance, one of them requires you to collect 80 lucky emblems. It’s a Herculean effort, as they strewn across each and every world, and are really well hidden at times. If you need help finding them (and you probably will), we’ve written guides for each of the areas:

#5 You can get another by getting at least 10 treasures in the mini-game in Arendelle, the one where you slide down a hill on a shield. You’ll need to talk to Else to start the mini-game, and it’s probably going to take some practice. Keep in mind that only the big, blue boxes count as treasure.

#6 If cruising through a vacuum with the Gummi Ship is your thing, you can get one there as well. You’ll need to go to the giant space station, kill the enemies around it to power it up, then defeat the Omega Makina boss that appears up top once all four power lines are glowing.

#7 The final one is awarded to any player who beats the high scores on all of the Flantastic Seven challenges. The pudding challenges aren’t that hard, but you’ll have to get an A rank in every one. If you’re having trouble finding them, check out our KH3 Flantastic Seven locations guide.



  1. J

    I found one in a treasure chest in arendelle that had nothing to do with the slide game

    1. J
      Joel Robinson

      Thats Orichalcum, but for the ultima key you need orichalcum+.

  2. A

    Orichalcum and Orichalcum+ are two different synthesis items. The + variant only exists 7 times in the game.

  3. J

    Thats mean I can farm the normal Orichalcum?
    Because I complete the game and I have 13 Orichalcum, but I need 2 more to make all the object in the orfreberi

    1. J

      Yes, you can farm regular orichalcum, and here’s how. Or, you can go here.

  4. K

    How lucky am I to receive the orchalicum as soon as I mailed my first postcard

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