How to Start Re Mind DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3

Re Mind is the first story DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3. It was released today, and a lot of folks are wondering how to begin playing it, and whether they need to have completed the base game before starting or not. If those are the kind of questions that have been plaguing your mind since you left your bed this morning, this guide is going to show you how to start KH3 Re Mind DLC.

kh3 re mind how to start dlc
How to Start Re Mind DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3

How to start KH3 Re Mind?

It’s pretty easy. First of all, make sure your console has downloaded the add-on. If it hasn’t, make sure you download it manually. Once you’re certain the DLC is there, run the game. After you enter the main menu, a notice will pop up, telling you to look in the Downloadable Content category.

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The option is near the bottom of the screen. Open it up, and select Re Mind from the list. Now you just need to select the save file you want to use, and you can begin your new adventure.

Do I have to beat KH3 to play Re Mind?

We think so, but we’re not sure. The only save files we still have are the ones where the game has been completed. We tried starting the DLC episode with a fresh, post-tutorial save, but the DLC menu didn’t even recognize it. It’s for the best, really, as the DLC starts off in one of the endgame areas from the base game, and it would be a terrific spoiler if they had allowed players to see it in this context before seeing it during Kingdom Hearts 3’s main story.

Mind you, we haven’t been able to test it with a late-game save which hasn’t reached the end yet, so it might be dependent on your level.

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  1. S

    “How to start KH3 Re:Mind DLC?” Don’t.
    ** (An honest, unbiased, and unpaid for reviewer) Score: 5/10

    I REALLY wish the Re:Mind DLC would have added to and smoothed out the overall story and pacing of Kingdom Hearts III; explained the already present loose threads and plot holes; added additional dialogue, truly immersive and meaningful playable characters, story arcs, and worlds; and just overall improved upon the game by making a legitimate Kingdom Hearts III 2.0 Final Mix.

    But instead of fixing the massive pacing issues and plot problems in Kingdom Hearts III; Nomura, Square Enix, and Disney simply decide to take the easy way out by only adding-on to the end game content by including the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, adding a handful of short cut scenes, allowing you to briefly play as some of the additional characters in the scripted battles of the Battle for the Keyblade Graveyard, and by making Data everything. Want to know what the easiest and cheapest cop-out to horrible directing and story-boarding that basically left all the characters and main protagonist and antagonist dead is? — Make them “data versions” and throw them in Data Scape battles. You’re paying $29.99 for at minimum, 30 minutes of additional end-game content, and at maximum, 3 hours of additional end-game content. FYI – Half of Jason Dohring’s (Terra’s) dialogue lines sound like they were phoned-in and the voice acting of Aerith (Andrea Bowen) is still godawful.

    The only thing I will commend them on is the Armored Xehanort and Yozora’s fight scenes being phenomenally scripted, animated, and decently challenging. Even though it’s highly apparent Nomura simply couldn’t “let it go” and half-way through KH3’s production, turned the entire game into a story leading up to the remake of his Final Fantasy verses 13 game that got scraped and rewritten. — SPOILERS — Yozora IS FF v 13’s Noctis. The true secret ending scene of KH3 is a scene for scene replica of the original FFv13 tailor with the new Yozora character model in Noctis’s place.

  2. D

    My game is not working and I bought a 30 dollar of the kingdom hearts 3 remind and it did not pop up on my game and I’m confused that it’s not working.

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