KH3 ReMind Premium Menu Guide

The Premium Menu in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind is a special menu that you can access if you start a new game after getting the DLC, and it allows you to activate all sorts of cheats that make the game either way easier or much harder. As with any new feature in any game, people have been having a lot of questions about this. For example, how to unlock the Premium Menu in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind, what are the Merits in the menu, can you get the Oblivion Keyblade with the cheats on, etc. With all that said, our KH3 ReMind Premium Menu Guide is going to answer these questions for you.

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KH3 ReMind Premium Menu Guide
KH3 ReMind Premium Menu Guide

How to Unlock & Access Premium Menu in Kingdom Hearts 3?

To unlock and access the Premium Menu in Kingdom Hearts 3, you first have to purchase, download and install the ReMind DLC. Then, you have to start a new game, either completely from scratch, or a New Game+. Then, you’ll go through the rigmarole of choosing what kind of person you are. Eventually, you’ll get to the final question, at which point you’ll get a screen explaining how the choice works.

Basically, the left choice is a normal adventure, with no access to the Premium Menu. The middle choice is the Easy Adventure, which grants access to EZ Codes, aka cheats of all sorts that will make things significantly easier. It even has the option of one-shotting nearly every enemy in the game. The right-hand option is the Challenging Adventure, which is the exact opposite. Every single PRO Code “cheat” is designed to debilitate you in some way, such as no links, no healing, no attractions, and more.

After that, just before the first fight, you’ll get even more info on how the Premium Menu works. You can access it whenever you want later on by going into the menu and pressing the button showed in the upper right corner (the touchpad on PS4). So, yeah, you can turn the cheats on and off at your leisure.

What are Merits in KH3 ReMind Premium Menu?

The merits in the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Premium Menu are special challenges that you can complete. For example, the first one requires you to defeat 13 enemies in the air without landing. However, it does not count enemies that you defeat using magic, links, team commands, or attractions. Presumably, other challenges unlock after you complete the first one. You can access the Merits menu by going into the Premium Menu and then pressing the button shown in the upper right corner (Triangle on PS4). There, you can see all the merits that you’ve unlocked, and what you have to do to get the next one.

Can You Get Oblivion Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 with EZ Codes?

We haven’t been able to check whether or not you can earn the Oblivion Keyblade while using the EZ Codes. Reminder, you have to complete the game on Critical difficulty to earn the Proof, which you then exchange for the weapon. People on the internet seem to say that you can earn the Keyblade even if you use the cheats. Honestly, there’s no reason to assume otherwise. The game only says that you can’t earn certain trophies with the cheats on; it says nothing about Keyblades. Still, I’d exercise caution; we cannot tell you it’ll work for sure. Tell us in the comments if you’ve checked for yourself.

Does the Form Charge EZ Code Grant Infinite Formchange?

No, unfortunately, it does not. What it does is gradually charge your Formchange bar. You get around one section of the Formchange bar every ten seconds or so. Yeah, it might as well give you infinite Formchange, seeing as how laughably easy you can make the game with the other options. But, there you have it. No infinite Formchange for you; instead, you have to wait ten seconds for each bar of the meter to fill up. Oh, the humanity; oh, what a tragedy.

If you need more help with the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC, check out our other guides on the subject. We’ve written How to Start Re Mind DLC, Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades, and Re Mind Trophies & Achievements List. So, yeah, check those out if you need them.

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