Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Oblivion and Oathkeeper are extremely powerful Keyblades you can get in the game. Both Oathkeeper and Oblivion in KH3 require you to get two Proof pages to obtain them; Proof of Promises and Proof of Time Past, respectively. These two proofs are extremely difficult to get. However, given the rewards, they will be well-worth the trouble. With all that said, we’re gonna show you how to get the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, how to activate the Double Form, and how you can transfer the proofs and keyblades between save files in our Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 guide.

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Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3
Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

How to Get Oathkeeper Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3?

To get the Oathkeeper Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3, you first have to obtain the Proof of Promises page. In order to do that, however, you’ll have to find and photograph every single Lucky Emblem (aka the Mickey Mouse heads) scattered across the game. There’s about ninety of them total, if I recall correctly. So, yeah, it’s a bit of a nightmare to find all of them. Fortunately for you, we’ve written a number of Kingdom Hearts 3 Collectibles guides, where you can find the locations of Lucky Emblems on each map, including Arendelle, San Fransokyo, and Monstropolis.

Once you collect all ninety Lucky Emblems, you’ll get the Proof of Promises page. The next step is to go to the Moogle Shop and exchange the page for the Oathkeeper Keyblade. It’s a blade of light, and has two forms: the Light Form and the Double Form OTK. Also, it doesn’t seem to matter which difficulty you do this on, which can’t be said for the next one.

How to Obtain Kingdom Hearts 3 Oblivion Keyblade?

In order to obtain the Oblivion Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3, you have to get the Proof Of Time Past page. You get that by beating the game on Critical difficulty, which unlocks when beat the game once on any difficulty. Needless to say, this is a challenge only for the most dedicated and skilled of players. If you haven’t beaten the game on Proud difficulty, jumping straight into Critical is going to be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, you can start your Critical run as a New Game+ to make things at least a bit easier.

If and when you manage to get to the other side of the Critical difficulty victorious, you’ll earn the Proof Of Time Past page. All that’s left to do is to take the item into the Moogle Shop and exchange it for the Oblivion Keyblade. This blade is all about Darkness, and also has two modes: Dark Form and Double Form OBV.

Do I Have to Collect Proof of Promises & Proof Of Time Past on New Save?

That depends. If the new save you’re talking about is a New Game+, and you’ve already unlocked one of the Proofs on the previous run, they will carry over to New Game+ along with everything else. The same goes if you’ve unlocked the Oathkeeper or Oblivion; they carry over to New Game+ just like the regular Keyblades.

Here’s what I mean, in clearer wording. If you’ve played through the game once and collected one or both of the proofs, then start a New Game+ on a new save file, they will carry over. If you’ve unlocked, say, Oathkeeper in your first run, and start a New Game+ on a new save file, the weapon will carry over to your new file. It has to be a New Game+ for that to happen.

Also important to mention: if you’ve collected a Proof on the first file, and start a New Game+ on a new file, it will remain on both files separately. So, if you decide to use a proof to get a Keyblade in your first file, you’ll still get to keep said proof on your New Game+ file and use it whenever you want to.

Is KH3 Oblivion Keyblade Locked to Critical Difficulty?

No, the Oblivion Keyblade is not locked to the Critical difficulty. You do have to obtain it by playing through the game on Critical difficulty, that much cannot be avoided. However, once you do have the Oblivion Keyblade, you can start a New Game+ on a lower difficulty, and you’ll still have the weapon in your arsenal. Of course, a new run on an easier difficulty will be a piece of cake after you’ve completed Critical, especially with Oblivion. Basically, you can do it in order to get all ninety lucky emblems, if you already hadn’t, without too much hassle, or as a pure revenge run, where you unleash your fury on the now-pitiful enemies that gave you such headaches.

How to Trigger Double Form of Oblivion & Oathkeeper in Kingdom Hearts 3?

You can trigger the Double Form of the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 even if you have only one of the swords equipped. You don’t even need to obtain both of them in order to activate it. All you have to do is wait for the situation command bar to fill up, either in Dark Mode or Light mode, depending on which Keyblade you’re wielding. As soon as you get the option to go Double Form, do it.

Once you activate Double Form, the other Keyblade will magically appear in your hands, even if you don’t have it unlocked. Of course, once the Double Form expires, it will disappear, but, for that one magical moment, you will be a nigh-unstoppable lawnmower on the battlefield. There don’t seem to be any special combos in Double Form, but they do get one new form-change each, which is more than enough. Otherwise, things would get very unbalanced fast.

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