Kingdom Hearts 3 Remy's Bistro How to Get Excellent on Recipes - Where to Find Cooking Ingredients

Cooking recipes in Remy’s Bistro are a kind of minigame you can play in Kingdom Hearts 3. To create dishes in the KH3 Remy Bistro, you’ll first have to gather ingredients all across the game. Then, you have to actually make the dishes. This is trickier than it sounds, the Kingdom Hearts 3 cooking minigame at Remy’s requires precision, timing, patience, and skill. Especially if you’re aiming for the Excellent mark. Our Kingdom Hearts 3 Remy’s Bistro How to Get Excellent on Recipes – Where to Find Cooking Ingredients aims to help you by giving you some cooking tips, as well as explaining how to procure the various cooking ingredients.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Remy's Bistro How to Get Excellent on Recipes
Kingdom Hearts 3 Remy’s Bistro How to Get Excellent on Recipes

How to Get Excellent on Remy’s Bistro Recipes in Kingdom Hearts 3?

To get excellent marks on recipes you’ll be preparing in Remy’s Bistro in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll have to be patient and very careful. Depending on the recipe, you’ll have to execute various tasks very gently and precisely. This can mean moving the analog sticks as gently as possible, or mastering the timing of hitting buttons. So, really, the first tip of all would be to save your game before attempting a recipe. That way, if you mess up, you can just restart without losing precious ingredients. We’re gonna keep updating this guide with more specific tips as we discover them. However, here are some more specific guidelines for recipes that we thought were particularly annoying.

One of the things that might cause you trouble is the oil in the flambe. Basically, what you want to do with the oil is to stir it really quickly, about twice / twice and a half, then put it right on the fire. Then, we have the egg recipe. Honestly, it’s easier to cook in real life. Anyway, here is where you have to be super-precise with the analog sticks. Move them as instructed, but very, very slowly. Watch the screen dim, and keep an eye out for when sparks start shooting. At that point, hit the shoulder buttons. If you overdo it with the sticks, you’ll ruin the whole thing. Again, just save and keep reloading until you make it work. It can be annoying, but hey, you wanna be the master chef.

Where to Find Cooking Ingredients for Remy’s Bistro in Kingdom Hearts 3?

To find cooking ingredients for Remy’s Bistro in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll have to explore all the different worlds you can visit. Some of them, such as herbs, are all over the place. Then, there are the obvious ones, such as fruits, which you get either from fruit baskets or trees. Lastly, there’s the tried and true RPG / adventure game approach – break every dang box, barrel, and anything else in sight. Every one of those can contain some useful ingredient.

For example, in Twilight Town, there are various takeout boxes strewn around the tram area (pictured above). Knock them with your blade, and you’ll get some ingredients. Plus, you can get some really rare ingredients by completing the Flantastic Seven minigames. If you need help with some other stuff from Kingdom Hearts 3, check out some of our other guides, such as Orichalcum Locations – How to Get Ore, Gummi Ship Customization, Materials & Blueprints, Difficulty Levels – What to Choose, and many more.

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