Minikit Locations in Struck Off The List | Lego Marvel Avengers

Minikits are metallic canisters you can collect in Lego Marvel’s Avengers. There are 10 of them on the first mission, called Struck Off The List.
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If you find them all, you’ll get a Golden Brick and unlock a cover of a Lego Avengers comic book. As well as knowing their locations, you’ll need characters with specific powers to get them. Collecting them will count towards unlocking the Perfect Pannapictagraphist achievement. This guide will show you all Minikit locations in Struck Off The List, as well as the powers you’ll need to obtain them.

If you’re interested in finding minikits in some of the other missions, take a look at these:

Minikit #1

minikit locations level 1 lego marvel avengersThe first one is in the canal under the Watchetower in the first sectopm. It’s floating on the stream, encased in ice. You’ll need a character with a heat beam to get to it. The default Iron Man has a beam, and he’s available from the start, so he’s a good choice for this one.

Minikit #2

This one can be obtained during Story Mode. It’s next to the truck at the end of the first section (where you finish the Hawkeye/Black Widow part). There are 5 blinking red lights on the ground – use Hawkeye’s explosive arrows to take them out, and you’ll receive your prize.

Minikit #3

lego marvel avengers level 1 canistersAt the start of the second part (Hulk/Iron Man in story mode), there’s a boarded up mine shaft. You need a character who can grapple, like Hawkeye or Bucky Barnes (unlocked after mission 3). Use the grapple to pull the boards down. Now you need a character who can work with black Legos. There’s only a few of those – Korvac (token found in Shield Base hub) and Grandmaster (token in South Africa Hub) are the easiest to unlock. Finally, you’ll need to use telekinesis on the mine cart. Korvac and Grandmaster both have it, so you can use one of them.

Minikit #4

lego avengers struck off the list mission collectiblesAfter you use the logs to cross the chasm, you’ll get to a laser gate. There’s a watchtower to the right of the log bridge, with a shield pad next to it. Use Captain America to smash the pad with the shield and obtain the minikit.

Minikit #5

silver bars minikit mission 1After you’ve the third section (where you play Thor and Captain America), you’ll have to go through a frozen waterfall. Right after it, there’s a silver cage with a Shield Access Terminal behind it. If you’ve progressed through the story enough, you can use Agent Coulson, who can take care of both. Otherwise, use Hawkeye’s explosive arrows to take down the cage, then let Black Widow hack the terminal.

Minikit #6

bunker minikit lego marvel avengersAfter the frozen waterfall, you’ll come to a valley with a bunker. The soldiers will be shooting at you, so you’ll need a character who can sneak, like Black Widow. When you get to the bunker, use the switch to shut down the surveillance. After that, you’ll need to mind control the soldier inside. Leader is the cheapest hero you can get with this ability, and he’s unlocked by finding a token during the second mission.

Minikit #7

lego avengers level 1 castle minikitThis one can be obtained when first playing the mission, during story mode. When you’re circling the castle as Iron Man, if you look closely, you’ll notice a silver rocket following you. Turn around and destroy it with your beam, and you’ll get the minikit.

Minikit #8

minikit locations castle struck off the list mission lego avengersWhen you’re at the castle entrance, you’ll see a glimmer to the right of the wooden door. Scan the area to reveal two poles. Use an agile character to climb the poles and grab the minikit. Black Widow can do this, and you’ll unlock her early on in the game.

Minikit #9

grate minikit castle level 1 lego avengersThere’s a purple grate on the left side of the castle entrance – you’ll need a flexible character that can use a beam as well. Vision is the cheapest character that does that, but you’ll need to beat the game to get it.

Minikit #10

When exploring the walkway in the castle, you’ll find a collapsed wall. Tear down the guardhouse near it, and use the pieces to build a speed ramp. Walking over it will launch you up the fallen wall and to the collectible.