Minikit Locations in A Loki Entrance | Lego Marvel's Avengers

A Loki Entrance is the second story mission in Lego Marvel’s Avengers. After completing it, you can engage in free play in the area.
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Once there, you’ll be able to collect 10 minikits, which will unlock a page from the Lego Avengers comic book and grant you another Golden Brick. It will also help you earn the Perfect Pannapictagraphist trophy. In this guide, we are going to show you all Minikit Locations in A Loki Entrance mission in Lego Avengers.

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Minikit #1

a loki entrance minikit locations lego avengersAfter you start the mission, go left to the save point, then go down the ladder. You’ll see a red cabinet with green handles. Only a super-strong character like The Hulk can rip the door off the hinges.

Minikit #2

lego marvel's avengers level 2 minikit blackThis one is next to where you start. There’s a blob of black Lego lodged inside a yellow construction. To get it, you’ll need a character who can work with black Lego bricks. The cheapest way is to wait until you’ve played through mission 13. While there, you can pick up a token to unlock Ultron Prime. You’ll still need to buy him, though, and he costs 200,000 studs.

Minikit #3

mission 2 minikit loki fightGo to the left side of the room and look for a really long ladder. Climb it to get to the walkway that crosses the room. There’s an electric switch that you need to activate in order to get the collectible. Characters like Black Widow (available from the start) and Thor (obtained in a story mission) can manipulate electricity to overcome obstacles like this one.

Minikit #4

minikit location walkway a loki entranceWhile you’re on the walkway for #3, go to the other side. You’ll see an opening in the railing. Stand near the opening and shoot the target on the fan case to your right. You can use any character that shoots for this. After that, you’ll need to fly over to the minikit, so you’ll need a flying hero like Iron Man or Thor.

Minikit #5

Look to the left of the altar where Loki starts off. It’s in the small, tucked in area behind the piles of equipment. You’ll need a character that can fix blue Lego objects to get it. Hawkeye is a good choice, since you unlock him after the first mission.

Minikit #6

This one is located in the garage, where you end up after Loki escapes. Follow the left side of the room until you reach a door with a shield switch above it. You’ll need a character with a shield to open the door (Captain America, for instance). Inside, you’ll need a telekinetic hero to take the key and use it on the safe. Leader and Captain Universe are the earlieast ones you’ll unlock, and they’re not expensive.

Minikit #7

loki entrance grate minikit location lego avengersStill in the garage, go to the door leading outside (the big one, to the right). There’s a grate next to it. Use the grate, and you’ll end up in the room overlooking the garage. That’s where the minikit is. You’ll need a character who is flexible and can squeeze through. America Chavez is unlocked with a token halfway through the game, but if you don’t have the studs, you can just wait until you’ve beaten the game, then use Vision.

Minikit #8

level 2 lego avengers  minikit garage hydra agentWhile in the garage, shoot the target on the pillar next to the exit. It will open up the Shield Terminal. Use Black Widow (or another smart Shield operative) to hack it. After that, use an agent of Hydra to hack it again. Red Skull is one of the cheapest ones, and you can find his token during Mission 3.

Minikit #9

golden wall minikit a loki entrance missionAfter you’ve put out the fire in the garage, some cargo will fall onto the boxes next to the entrance, breaking them and revealing a console on the wall. Use the console to reveal a hidden room nearby. Use a character with a beam (like Iron Man) to cut through the golden wall and get the minikit.

Minikit #10

minikit collectible level 2 story mode lego avengersThis one can be obtained while playing story mode. After you’ve broken out of the garage, switch to the character driving the car. The minikit will hover above the floor and move around – you’ll have to steer carefully if you want to grab it.