Rail Hydra Minikit Locations | Lego Marvel's Avengers

Rail Hydra is the third mission in Lego Marvel’s Avengers. It takes place partly in a gym, but mostly in Red Skull’s base.
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You can collect 10 minikits while playing it, which will reward you with a Golden Brick and another Avengers comic book with Lego characters. This will nudge you a step closer towards unlocking the Perfect Pannapictagraphist achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you locations of all Rail Hydra Minikits in Lego Avengers.

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Minikit #1

minikit locations gym rail hydra missionWhen you start the level off in the gym, take a telekinetic character and use his powers to put the ball into the hoop. This will automatically give you the collectible. Leader is the cheapest character with this ability, and you unlock him early on, during the second mission.

Minikit #2

This one can be obtained in Story mode, on your first visit. While in the gym, you might notice Captain America posters on the walls. Destroy all 5 of them, and you’ll get the minikit.

Minikit #3

Use the Shield Access Terminal once with an agent of Shield, and another time with a Hydra character. This will spawn a floor-polishing machine. Drive it around the gym to polish 5 rough pathches, and you’ll get your prize.

Minikit #4

minikit locations red skull base lego avengersAfter the flashback starts you’ll have to clear out a ring in Red Skull’s base. When you exit it, you’ll see the minikit floating above the shield switch that lets you get to the elevator. You’ll need a flying hero to get it (Iron Man or Thor, for example).

Minikit #5

where to find minikits in lego avengers level 3On the right side of the walkway going around the ring, there is a golden object. Destroy it with a beam (Iron Man has one), then make a speed booster from the parts. Fast heroes like Quicksilver can use it to launch themselves to where to collectible is.

Minikit #6

After you’ve used the elevator, exit to the right and destroy the crate next to the door. Use the parts to create hang-bars which will let you shimmy over to the left side. The minikit is on the walkway.

Minikit #7

stealth camera minikit rail hydra lego avengersOnce you go through the vault door, another section opens up. It’s a straight corridor, with a dead end to the left, guarded by a camera. You’ll need a stealth hero (like Black Widow) to get past it without triggering the lock.

Minikit #8

This minikit can be picked up during story mode. After the train section starts, turn around and go left. You’ll see a bunch of pipes you can use to lower yourself to the collectible, then climb back to safety.

Minikit #9

train minikit rail hydra lego marvel's avengersYou’ll see some golden objects on the second wagon. Shoot the objects with a beam (with Iron Man or someone similar), then reassemble the pieces into a glider. Glide above the train and try to snatch the minikit while airborne.

Minikit #10

lego marvel's avengers level 3 minikit train locationWhen you drop through the collapsed wagon ceiling, you’ll see a door. Scan the area and you’ll discover a target next to it. Shoot it to get what you’re looking for.