Jakku Carbonite Locations | Lego SW Force Awakens

Jakku is the second hub in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It will gradually become unlocked as you play through several missions.
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There are 10 collectible carbonite pieces you can find on this planet. Getting them won’t be easy, but it will unlock new characters, such as Luke Skywalker, Greedo and Boba Fett. This guide will show you Jakku carbonite locations in Lego SW Force Awakens, which heroes they unlock.

When you want to unfreeze the blocks, you’ll have to travel to the medical ward at D’Qar.

Bith Jakku Carbonite

Bith can be found next to where the Falcon lands, at the bazaar. Destroy the crates and use the pieces to build a charge station. Make BB-8 power it, which will pour water into the nearby pool. Build another charging station from the parts that will appear. After BB cranks it up, the loud noise will wake up the beast, which will drink the water from the pool. The carbonite block will appear after that.

Boba Fett Lego Force Awakens

Look for a First Order terminal under the dome at the bazaar. Activate it using Finn, or some other character with ties to the Order, and it will open up a cage on the other side, with the Boba Fett carbonite inside.

Tusken Raider Location

While you’re in the dome, switch to someone who can use the Force and go to the other side of the hall. Use your telekinesis to pick up the broom and sweep the dust off the column. When it’s clean, it will reveal a Tusken Raider frozen in carbonite.

Luke Skywalker (Episode IV) Carbonite

Go to the north part of the area and look for a hull of a giant derelict ship. There will be a Rancor inside – you don’t have to fight him. Run up behind him, grab the carbonite brick and run for your life. When you melt it, you’ll get Luke Skywalker (Episode IV).

Anakin Skywalker Carbonite Unlock

Go to the hull west of the bazaar. Climb inside and prepare to fight about a dozen enemies. When you’re done, approach the orange plate on the wall. Use the winch to pull it up – it will reveal the Anakin Skywalker carbonite collectible.

How to unlock Jawa

Travel to the isolated area in the western part of the map. Climb the scaffolding and go right until you reach a big, red door. You’ll need two characters with grappling hooks to open it. When they bust it open, you’ll see a golden wall behind it – switch to someone who can melt gold bricks, and you’ll discover a toxic room. Use a droid to enter and pick up the Jawa carbonite.

Obi Wan Kenobi Classic Skin

While you’re in the secluded area in the west, climb the scaffolding, then use an Agile character to climb the rock wall. Go left until you reach a cell. Cut through the bars with a lightsaber, then switch to a poison-immune character, enter the cell and take the block that contains Obi Wan Kenobi (Classic).

Padme Amidala Carbonite Location

Go to the tunnel in the south-western part of Jakku. Destroy the golden crates inside, then climb up the handles revealed behind them. You’ll find the carbonite with Padme Amidala on a platform near the ceiling.

Greedo Location Jakku

Go to the junkyard in the dead-end in the southern part of the area. Use the grappling hook to climb the walkway, then switch to a dark side Force user and destroy the bright container. It will drop the brick with Greedo inside.

Emperor Palpatine Character Unlock

You’ll find Emperor Palpatine next to the place where the Falcon lands the first time you’re on Jakku, in the south-eastern corner. Approach the pool of water and jump inside. After a short diving sesion, you’ll get the brick.