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Millennium Falcon is the smallest hub in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There’s only one carbonite brick in it, and it unlocks the classic Han Solo. It’s easy to find, but hard to get – you’ll have to beat a tiresome mini-game in order to obtain it. This guide will show you where to find Carbonite on Millennium Falcon in Lego SW Force Awakens.

Han Solo in Lego Force Awakens

Go to the north-eastern part of the ship, to the outer rim. You’ll see a giant screen on the wall there. Use the pieces on the floor to build a control station for BB-8. When he start rolling while on top of it, it will start a mini-game on the large screen. You’ll fly a spaceship which has to outrun a giant worm, all the while avoiding rocks on the cave floor and ceiling. If you get hit several times, you’ll have to start again. It can be hard, but being persistent is the only way to overcome it.

Once you’ve beaten the game, a carbonite brick will drop, with Han Solo inside. You’ll have to take it to D’Qar for defrosting, since that’s the only place with a human-sized microwave.

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