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Weapon loadouts are combinations of two guns in Mafia 3. The best weapon combos are made up of guns that complement each other.
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For example, one that is accurate and weak, and another that’s strong and inaccurate. Getting a good combination is vital to your survival, because no single gun can be used in every situation. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best weapon loadouts in Mafia 3.

mafia 3 best weapon loadouts

Best weapon combos in Mafia 3

There are several great loadouts, depending on your play style and what you need. Of course, if you’re not picky and don’t like to overthink things, you could just use whatever your current enemies are using – that way you will never be left wanting for ammo.

If you do want to use specific weapons, here are some loadouts that work great:
  • Barker 390 shotgun + Elling 9MM handgun – This is a great starter kit. Both weapons are relatively cheap and useful in their own right, if you don’t care about making noise and dealing with police. The shotgun is devastating at short range, while the pistol is accurate and can work miracles at mid range if your aim is any good.
  • Mayweather .30 rifle + Masterson Phoenix revolver – If you don’t require a scoped weapon, this rifle is a great choice. It works at long ranges and has a high rate of fire. It’s great for cleaning up from a distance. If they manage to get near, the revolver will help you pick them off.
  • Silenced Masterson pistol + Viper 55 sniper rifle – If you find a good sniping spot, the enemies won’t be able to find you as you take them out with your sniper, one by one. If you get tired of it, you just switch to the pistol and get into the fray.
  • Silenced Deacon .22 pistol + Silenced M1N8 semi-automatic – If you’re looking to pass undetected, this might be the choice for you. The pistol is pretty accurate, so it’s great for picking enemies from a distance without alarming them, while the SMG is good at cleaning up.
If you have a favorite loadout, feel free to share it in the comments.

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  1. J
    Jonathan mckenna

    Masterman semi-auto and Mayweather .30.

    1. J
      Jonathan mckenna

      Mayweather .30 and masterson semi auto

  2. C
    Cameron Rice

    I have several since I like to mix and match, but one of them is The Stormer 223 aka The M16 + The Gold Winchester Shotgun

  3. D
    dale garrett

    I use the silentium and silenced m1n8.. Best combo ever. Silentium is possibly the strongest pistol, and m1n8 is good for turning people out fast. I have a lot of headshots with pistols, but the m1n8 is great for taking out baddies when there is lots of them, just watch your 3,6 and 9 as well, while you’re shredding 12oclocks some try and get you on the sides 😉 the m1n8 is great for dealing with them. I prefer silence. But when I wanna make a little noise I use the Masterson semi auto and any of Tommy’s, not very accurate. But its pretty fun to burst fire 🙂 silence is better though :p

  4. D

    Lupara/Mayweather .30.

    Lupara is the ultimate 1handed close-quarters weapon IMO. Only 2 shells, but it reloads fast, and it can fire both shells in less then a second if needed, for some super-high burst damage. Ideal for when you’re being rushed, you dont even need to aim around cover, you can just blindfire and you’re guaranteed to hit the enemy up close. Or when you sneak up on two bad guys, and want to take them both out before they can react, 1 shot each… it’s awesome. That other lever-action shotgun whats its name, its not an upgrade over Lupara, its a downgrade. Reload is slow, fire rate is slow, and it only does a little more damage. No thx.

    And Mayweather for mid to long range picking off. Decent ammo load, decent damage, very accurate even without scope, and unlike scoped rifles, you can switch targets quickly.

  5. S
    Saif Asad

    I think the best loadout is the the Silenced Masterson Pistol and the Stromer aka the M16.

  6. S
    Sumit Guha

    Riot 550 + Lupara is my favourite right now.

  7. W
    Wainaina Wangai

    The stoner .223 and the golden IL DUCA for crazy stopping power and ranged target. Just be begins something and as they rush toward you, pinch clear holes with a short squeeze to the trigger. They all fall like flies. Mind close your quarters though

  8. L

    Hi finished the whole game using nothing but the silcenced pistol. Best one is one you get from cia house mission. If you then go to cuba you can pick up the hartman, never need anything else.
    But I started again, start to finish and did it all with silent pistol and head shots.
    As long as you pick your attack route its all you need and as most goons carry a pistol you never need to buy ammo

    1. L

      Also make sure you do voice missions first because you lose your guns so do that first then go to cuba

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