Lies of P Send Alidoro To Venigni Works or Hotel Krat Choice

One of the very first choices you will make in Lies of P is regarding to Alidoro, the fox merchant. Namely, once you find him, he will ask you to recommend him a place where he can take refuge. Do you know of such a place? You can then choose to send him either to the Venigni Works Puppet Factory or to the Hotel Krat. Here’s what both choices mean for you, and what are the consequences.

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Lies of P Send Alidoro To Venigni Works or Hotel Krat Choice
Lie Alidoro or Tell Truth Lies of P

Should You Send Alidoro To Venigni Works Puppet Factory or Hotel Krat?

Alidoro is a unique and crucial vendor you’ll stumble on early in the game. He’s hiding atop the cathedral, which you can reach via a lif. He’ll be glad to meet another “sound mind”, and he’ll explain that he was hiding there from all the madness outside. After introducing himself, he’ll ask you if you could recommend him a place where he can take refuge. “Preferably someplace clean and comfortable. You know…civilized.” At that point, the game will present you with two choices. Should you lie to Alidoro or tell him the truth?

Send Alidoro to Hotel Krat Lies of P Choice

If you tell him the truth and send him to Hotel Krat, he’ll be thankful for sending him to a safe location and he will send you all kinds of unique weapons and amulets. If you want to go for the “Always Truth” playthrough, this is the best option to choose.

Send Alidoro to Venigni Works Puppet Factory Choice

The second option is to lie to Alidoro and send him to Venigni Works Puppet Factory. This will temporarily lock you out of his goods. However, you will be able to find him again at the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer. There, you will have a chance to redeem yourself in his eyes. He’ll ask you again: “Do you know of a safe place?”

If you choose to lie to Alidoro again and send him to Elysion Boulevard, he’ll say that he has already been there and that he knows puppets have destroyed that place. It doesn’t really matter in terms of gameplay, as he will head to Hotel Krat in both cases, where you will be able to trade with him.

The only reason you should pick both “lies” is if you want to go for the “Always Lie” playthrough. That’s the only consequence, how it will affect your ending. The details regarding the ending we will not spoil here.

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