Adopt Me Blazing Lion Worth

There is a good reason why Adopt Me is one of the most popular Roblox games of all time. The fact that it is constantly being worked on, with new pets being added to it all the time. The latest such pet is the Blazing Lion. This Legendary pet sports a very enticing design, as it looks like a lion that is bathed in flames, like something out of legend, or perhaps a fantasy game. A pet of this rarity must surely be valued at a very high price, so if you were wondering how to obtain in the game and the worth of the Blazing Lion in Adopt Me, we are here to answer both of these questions.

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Adopt Me Blazing Lion Worth
Adopt Me Blazing Lion Worth

How to Get Blazing Lion Adopt Me

The method of obtaining this Legendary Pet is similar to how it works in some Pokemon games. Namely, you are first going to need to purchase a Lure. You can buy a Box Lure for 750 Bucks, or a Cozy Home Lure, which costs 1200 Robux. Set these up in your home. This works the same as with any other piece of furniture. Next, make some Campfire Cookie Bait. Finally, put this in your Lure (you can put two of them into the Cozy Home Lure, thereby doubling your chances), and wait for four hours. After that, check the Lure to see what you’ve got. Note that you only have a 0.01% to get the Blazing Lion. It is by far the rarest Pet in the game.

What is a Blazing Lion Worth?

At the moment, the Blazing Dragon is estimated to be worth roughly the same as the Bat Dragon, and a little less than the Shadow Dragon. But note that the prices are going to fluctuate in the next several days, as the demand for the Blazing Dragon goes up and down.

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