Lost Ark Amethyst Shard Merchant

The Lost Ark Amethyst Shard merchant is a special vendor that you can find that takes only these shards as payment. While this is not the easiest currency to obtain, and the items are fairly expensive, you can get a lot of really cool items if you can afford them. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark, where this vendor is, and what they sell.

lost ark amethyst shard merchant
Lost Ark Amethyst Shard Merchant

How to Get Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark

There are two ways to get Amethyst Shards for the Lost Ark merchant. The first one is via Twitch drops and by linking your Lost Ark account with your Prime Gaming account. As for the Twitch drops, we explain all that in our Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drops guide. When it comes to linking it with your Prime Gaming account, you can find all the info here. Every so often, you’ll get a little drop of loot, among which you can get an Amethyst Shard pack. Not always, but definitely in the first one. Check out this official tweet if you need further confirmation.

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The second way to get Amethyst Shards is to do quests for the merchant, according to Reddit user trollhunterh3r3. Apparently, you can earn good rewards from this person, so it’ll pay off to do them either way. That said, it’s a long way until there, and you might as way accumulate more Shards using the first method.

Where is Amethyst Shard Merchant

According to the same Reddit user that we’ve linked above, trollhunterh3r3, the Lost Ark Amethyst Shard merchant is an end-game vendor that resides in North Vern. If the info they’ve provided is correct (and, by the way, huge thank-you to them), then it’s gonna be a while before you can actually make use of your accumulated Amethyst Shards. Then again, you can get some really cool items from the vendor if you have the Shards to afford them. That brings us to our final point.

What Can You Buy for Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark

According to screenshots provided by Klyka on resetera, you can get a lot for the Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark. These include Rapport Supplies Chests, a Crystalline Aura for two weeks, Selection Chests for different pets and paper hats, a special legendary mount, and much, much more. Check out the screenshots to get a taste of the wares.

That’s all the info about the Amethyst Shards and the merchant we’ve managed to scrounge up. If you have anything to add, let us know in the comments. These are still very early days of Lost Ark in the west, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

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  1. L

    “According to the same Reddit user that we’ve linked above, trollhunterh3r3, the Lost Ark Amethyst Shard merchant is an end-game vendor that resides in North Vern.”

    well thats not true because there is a vendor in Luterra as well with the exact same items so now you know that there is more than just one vendor.

    to find the vendor you need to activate the triport library of termia which is located in west Luterra and right beneath the steps is the shard merchant.

    hope this helps

    1. N

      This guide is a little off putting, the vendors can be accessed from any continent after north vern such as Rohendel or Yorn. It also fails to mention quests which give amethyst shards, and to add the shards arent end game as they have no level requirement to obtain them. Notice the shards are purple? Well that’s because it’s a twitch drop and the twitch drops for the next half a year will have guaranteed shards so there is no reason to say that they might not have them.

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