How to Get Forest Minuet, Lullaby Island

Being such a huge game, it’s no wonder that Lost Ark has so many things you can do and acquire. One of these things are songs. There are over a dozen different songs in the game. You will get some of them simply by playing through the Main Story, while others will require that you go out of your way to get them. The Forest Minuet is one such song. Found on Lullaby Island, to get it, you will need to complete several quests in a specific way. If you are wondering How to Get Forest Minuet on Lullaby Island then this guide is for you.

How to Get Forest Minuet, Lullaby Island

How to Get the Forest Minuet Song on Lullaby Island in Lost Ark

You will be able to get to Lullaby Island once you’ve unlocked your boat. You can see where this island is on our featured screenshot. So, sail there. Once you disembark, talk to Traveler Eclipse there. This will begin a series of related Adventure Quests, beginning with the “Forest Where Fairies Sing”. This requires that you find a hidden Fairy and give the correct answers to its questions. You will need to do this three times. We’ve marked where all three Fairies can be found on our screenshot down below. Here are the correct answers to the first Fairy: “Whistle”, “Wait”, and “Whistle again.” Answers for the second Fairy: “Put down the shiny pebble.”, “Remember me?”, “It’s a gift.”, and “Wait quietly.” The third and final set of answers: “Just watch.”, “Listen with your back to her.”, “I’m listening.”, “I’ll look for one.”, “Sure.”, and “No worries, I’m an adventurer.”

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fairy locations on Lullaby Island
Fairy locations on Lullaby Island.

This will open up a secret passage area on the map. Don’t worry, it will be marked, so you can’t miss it. Go there and play the Song of Resonance to get inside. Once you are inside, play this song again until a Magic Tree springs up. One of your rewards for doing this will be a Voice of the Forest pipe. You need two more of these, so repeat this process with the secret passage two more times. When you have all three Voice of the Forest in your possession, go back to the Fairy and give these to her. She will give you the Forest Minuet in return. We hope that you have found this guide helpful. If you would like to read more of our Lost Ark content, we have a lot of guides in our Lost Ark archives, including all the Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations.

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