Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix, How to Enter & Event Rewards

Lost Ark’s March 2022 update has brought many changes to the game. Some of the most exciting – and unexpected – new content that has made its way into the game is the Arkesia Grand Prix. This is a racing game in which two teams consisting of seven players each, will race on a special race track. Of course, by competing in this, you will get a chance to earn many great rewards. In this Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix, How to Enter & Event Rewards guide, we will explain how to start this event and list out all the prizes you can win from it.

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Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix, How to Enter & Event Rewards

How to Enter Arkesia Grand Prix Event Lost Ark

To be able to enter the Arkesia Grand Prix event in Lost Ark, you will first have to be at least Level 50. If that is the case, then the next thing to do is to head to any major settlement and look for an NPC called the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager. This NPC is marked with a pink exclamation point on the map, so it’s very easy to find. When you talk to the Grand Prix Manager, you will receive the “[Event][Daily] Go to the Arena!” quest. Doing this will allow you to participate in the races.

You can do one race per day. Also, the races start at every even hour of the day (so, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.). Now, this is where this gets tricky and is something that has many players confused. Since daylight savings apparently haven’t been factored into this, it could be that, in your particular timezone, this doesn’t start on even hours, but on odd ones instead (1, 3, 5, etc.). If even hours are not working for you, try odd ones and that should work.

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Rewards

Once you earn enough Arkesia Event Coins, you will want to trade them in at the Exchange Shop. Here’s a complete list of all the prizes that you can exchange the Arkesia Event Coins for:

  • Naruni Hat (Cost: 500)
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe (Cost: 40)
  • Rare Combat Engraving (Cost: 60)
  • Epic Combat Engraving (Cost: 100)
  • Epic Class Engraving (Cost: 80)
  • 3x Harmony Shard Pouch (Cost: 50)
  • 3x Life Shard Pouch (Cost: 50)
  • 2x Honor Shard Pouch (Cost: 50)
  • 5x Harmony Leapstone (Cost: 20)
  • 5x Life Leapstone (Cost: 30)
  • 4x Honor Leapstone (Cost: 50)
  • 10x Star’s Breath (Cost: 30)
  • 10x Moon’s Breath (Cost: 40)
  • 30 Solar Grace (Cost: 50)
  • 10 Solar Blessing (Cost: 60)
  • 5 Solar Protection (Cost: 100)
  • 50 Destruction Stone Fragment (Cost: 20)
  • 50 Destruction Stone (Cost: 40)
  • 150x Guardian Stone Fragment (Cost: 20)
  • 150x Guardian Stone (Cost: 40)
  • 90x Guardian Stone Crystal (Cost: 100)
  • Una’s Tasks (Daily) Instant Completion (Cost: 10)
  • Una’s Daily +1 Pass (Cost: 30)
  • Sailing Coin Chest (Cost: 10)
  • Bloodclaw’s Glittering (Cost: 10)
  • Magick Society’s Special Dye Chest (Cost: 50)
  • Phoen (Cost: 20)
  • Creation Fragment (Cost: 30)
  • Any Card pack (Cost: 50)
  • Legendary Card Pack (Cost: 250)
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