Lost Ark Kadan Quest, How to Start Story Episode

If you need to know how to start the Lost Ark Kadan story episode quest, we’ve got you covered. In order to unlock the Kadan questline in Lost Ark, you’re gonna have to jump through a number of hoops. Even then, you need to be sure to have the correct item level in order to properly explore the new environments and discover what Kadan has in store for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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lost ark kadan quest how to start story episode
Lost Ark Kadan Quest, How to Start Story Episode

How to Start Kadan Quest in Lost Ark

To start the Kadan quest in Lost Ark, aka to unlock the Kadan questline, you need to meet a number of requirements. According to the official release notes, you need to have completed Feiton, presumably meaning the main questline in the region. I don’t think it means you have to 100% the whole place. On top of that, you also need to complete the “Let There Be Light” Yorn quest (unlocks in the Great Castle after finishing “The Final Report”), the Start of Our Story quest on Whispering Isle, and End of the Trials on Illusion Bamboo Isle (unlocks after completing “Shandi’s Trial: Way of Courage”). Also, it seems that you need to be T3 in order to really access the quest, but we’re not sure whether it’s absolutely necessary. You should be at item level 1100 when venturing to the new islands, though.

So, those are the prerequisites to unlock and start the Lost Ark Kadan quest line. After you manage to check all of the boxes, make your way to North Vern. You need to go to Castle Vern, to be more specific. There, you’ll find Sebastian. Have a chat with him to start the new quest line. It will take you on a grand adventure, but you don’t necessarily need us to guide you through it. Just follow along and do what the quest tells you to do; it should be pretty straightforward. Just remember the item level requirement; you’re probably not gonna have a great time if you come in underleveled.

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