Change Class in Lost Ark

There are going to be a number of players that will want to know if they can change class in Lost Ark. After all, who hasn’t changed their mind about the role they’ve been playing in an MMORPG? Sometimes, it’s as simple as just getting bored. So, what does Lost Ark have to offer in this sphere? Well… about that.

change class in lost ark
Change Class in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Change Class

To cut a long story short, you cannot change your class in Lost Ark. You’re locked into the choice you make, so be sure that you’ve picked the role you are a hundred percent sure of. Moreover, you also can’t change the advanced class that you settle in for. So, again, I hope you thought long and hard about what your job is going to be. The game does let you take a good look at all regular and advanced classes that are at your disposal, so it’s not like you’ll be making an uninformed choice. Besides, all the roles you can play in Lost Ark have a plethora of abilities that you can swap in and out. In other words, you still have a lot of flexibility no matter what. Beyond that, though, you’re stuck.

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Now, there is technically a way to change your class in Lost Ark, and that’s to start a whole new character. There’s the $50 booster that you can buy when you make a new character that lets you skip over a lot. It’s costly, but it does help you hop directly into the end-game content without slogging through the story all over again. Or, you can just replay the whole thing, if you want. It still won’t rescue you from some of the grind, because there are things in the game that are per-character instead of per-account. That said, the devs have been broadening the scope of what is shared between all characters, so the process will likely be increasingly painless over time.

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