Lost Ark Rethramis Vista Locations

The Lost Ark Rethramis Vista locations are special places where you can see a beautiful view of your surroundings. Plus, they are technically a collectible, and you need to find all eight to complete your Adventurer’s Tome. The difficulty of finding these vistas varies; some are incredibly easy to spot, while others are more hidden, and in dangerous areas. There’s even one that needs to be unlocked through a quest. So, without further ado, lets’ dive straight in!

lost ark rethramis vista locations
Lost Ark Rethramis Vista Locations

Chain War Memorial Tree Lost Ark Rethramis Vista Location

The Chain War Memorial Tree Rethramis Vista location in Lost Ark is in the city of Prideholme, the first of the locations we’ll visit. Slightly to the northeast of the Prideholme Cathedral, there’s a huge tree. That’s where you need to go. There’s a white, glowing telescope in front of the tree, and that’s what you need to interact with. A brief cutscene is going to play out, showing you your surroundings in all their beauty. After it’s done, the vista will be registered in your Adventurer’s Tome.

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chain war memorial tree lost ark rethramis vista location

Where to Find Old Fishing Spot Rethramis Vista

The Old Fishing Spot Rethramis Vista is in the area called Loghill. You can get there by going east from Prideholme. Either way, you want to get to the south of Loghill. If you’re coming from Prideholme, head north and then take the path leading northwest. Jump over the broken bridge, and you’ll see another telescope to interact with. Alternatively, you can go southeast from the Fiona Plains triport.

where to find old fishing spot rethramis vista lost ark

How to Get Church Ruins Rethramis Vista

To get to the Church Ruins Lost Ark Rethramis Vista collectible, which is one of the hardest locations to reach, you actually have to complete a main mission first. It will take you to the East Oratory, in Loghill, where the vista is. As far as we know, you can’t go there before finishing the quest. After you’re done with that, double back to East Oratory and find the glowing telescope at the altar of the church.

how to get church ruins lost ark rethramis vista

Waterfall Bridge Rethramis Vista Location in Lost Ark

The location of the Waterfall Bridge Vista in Rethramis in Lost Ark is also in Loghill. Around the middle of the region, you’ll come across a crossroads. To the northeast is the Toxiclaw Cavern, and to the northwest is a large, stone bridge. The telescope is in the middle of the bridge, right above the waterfall.

waterfall bridge retramis vista location in lost ark

Collapsed Bridge Lost Ark Rethramis Vista

The Lost Ark Collapsed Bridge Rethramis Vista is really close to the previous one. Remember how we found ourselves at a crossroads in the middle of Loghill and went northwest? Well, double-back, and head down the path to the northeast, in the direction of the Toxiclaw Cavern. You’ll find the glowing telescope as soon as you get onto the bridge.

collapsed brige lost ark rethramis vista

Where to Find Valley of Falling Waters Lost Ark Vista

To find the Valley of Falling Waters vista in Lost Ark, we need to travel all the way to Ankumo Mountain. If you’re coming from the south, head north all the way until you get to the only real crossroads on the map. To the southeast of the crossroads is an outcrop of sorts that’s positively lousy with monster eggs. The telescope is near the edge of the outcrop, but do mind the enemies.

Rethramis Border Monastery Vista Lost Ark Location

The Rethramis Border Monastery vista in Lost Ark is one of the easiest vista locations to find. Travel to the region called Rethramis Border, which is north of Ankuma Mountain. In the center of this map is Regria Monastery. It even has a triport in there if you need to get in and out quick. The glowing telescope will be at the foot of the statue in the middle of the monastery courtyard.

Statue of the Goddess Lost Ark Rethramis Vista

The Statue of the Goddess Rethramis Vista in Lost Ark is also in the Rethramis Border area. More specifically, it’s in the Graveyard zone, which is northwest of the monastery. It’s full of dangerous monsters, so be careful. You need to go to the northesternmost part of the graveyard; it’s the only part that really sticks out on the map. That’s where you’ll find the giant statue. The telescope is behind it.

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