Lost Ark Church Ruins Location - Rethramis Vista Locations

The Lost Ark Church Ruins Rethramis vista location is one of the more difficult vistas to find in that region. By that, I don’t mean that the eight vistas in the area are super-hard to find; the catch is that the Church Ruins are inaccessible initially. It is in the East Oratory section of the map, which you have to unlock. So, in this guide, we’ll show you where the Church Ruins vista is, as well as how to unlock access to it. Let’s jump into it.

lost ark church ruins location rethramis vista locations
Lost Ark Church Ruins Location – Rethramis Vista Locations

Where to Find Church Ruins Rethramis Vista Location in Lost Ark

To find the Lost Ark Church Ruins vista location in Rethramis, you actually have to complete a main quest first. The mission in question will take you to the East Oratory, and that’s where this particular vista is. As far as we know, there’s no way to “collect” the vista while you’re doing the quest, but it does unlock the area. So, after you wrap the quest up, you can simply make your way back to the East Oratory. It’s in Loghill; you can come in from Prideholme and just head northeast from there. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out the screenshots below. Once you’re in the church, approach the glowing object at the altar and interact with it. After the brief cutscene plays out, you’ll have the vista under your belt.

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So, that’s where you find the Church Ruins Rethramis Vista location in Lost Ark. It’s not the most difficult to find; none of the Rethramis vistas are. The only real trick to it is to be patient until you’ve completed the main quest that takes you to the area. So, just play through the story missions until you unlock the East Oratory. Then, simply finish the quest up and go back to the ruined church and interact with the thing at the altar. Mind you, there still might be some monsters in the church, so don’t just go sauntering in like you own the place. And that about wraps it up for this guide. Stay tuned for more Lost Ark articles, as we’ll be diving deep in the coming days.

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