Rethramis Monster Locations Map - Lost Ark Adventurer's Tome

Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Rethramis Monster locations are places where you can find specific monsters that you need to complete your compendium, as it were. The trouble with these creatures is that you need to know where they can spawn. Another issue is that some of them look exactly like regular monsters of the same species. So, to help you out on your journey, here’s our Rethramis Monster Locations Map – Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome guide.

rethramis monster locations map lost ark adventurers tome
Rethramis Monster Locations Map – Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome

Lost Ark Rethramis Monster Locations for Adventurer’s Tome

There are a number of Rethramis Monster locations for the Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome. One of them is the Alpha White Redbeak, which we found in the south of Loghill, near East Oratory. It looks like mix between a snow-white parrot and a dragon, so it’s kinda hard to miss once you know where to find it.

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lost ark rethramis monster locations adventurers tome
Alpha White Redbeak location

Next up, the Alpha Croclaw. The one we found was also in Loghill, further to the northeast. Specifically, you need to hoof it to Traveler’s Nook, and then head southeast from there, towards the Toxiclaw Cavern dungeon. In that general area, there’s a whole ton of Croclaw, and one of them should be an Alpha version.

adventurers tome rethramis monster locations where to find alpha croclaw
Alpha Croclaw location

Our next target is the Toxiclaw Explorer. Walk right into the Toxiclaw Cavern dungeon, as explained in the entry above. To find this Rethramis Monster location for your Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome, you need to head to the south of the dungeon, towards the little “noose” on the map. We found the monster right at the beginning of the little loop, as shown in the image below.

toxiclaw explorer monster lost ark adventurers tome rethramis
Toxiclaw Explorer location

Proceed north through Loghill and cross over into the Ankumo Mountain area. Keep going north and then head east, into the large-ish zone west of Sacred Spring. You can see the exact location in the image below. In the south of that area, you’ll see a bunch of Moss Wolves, and there’s bound to be an Alpha Moss Wolf, which is your actual target. They will usually leave you alone until you attack first, so take your time.

alpha moss wolf monster location where to find lost ark rethramis
Alpha Moss Wolf location

These are some of the Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Rethramis Monster locations we’ve discovered in the game so far. This guide is a work in progress, as we’ll be adding more locations as we discover them. Feel free to share your own monster locations below.

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