Coin of Courage Lost Ark PVP Vendor

As is the case with most MMOs, Lost Ark too has several different currencies. This includes Gold, Silver, and Crystals. You earn all of these in different ways, and you can trade them for different things, but they all serve the same function – to make your character stronger and better. With the most recent update to the game, players have started getting another mysterious currency called Coin of Courage. Naturally, players are wondering what this PvP currency can be used for, and if there is a vendor where they can exchange it. This is a sort of PvP currency, and in this Coin of Courage Lost Ark PVP Vendor guide, we will explain everything you need to know about it, including where and how you can get it.

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Coin of Courage Lost Ark PVP Vendor

Lost Ark Coin of Courage, How to Earn & Exchange

You will earn the Coin of Courage currency by competing in PvP (player versus player) events and activities, such as arenas. There are actually two Coins you can get. The Coins of Courage and the Tenacious Coins. This is yet another thing that has puzzled players. Well, to clarify the difference between these two. Tenacious Coins are what you earn if your Item Level is below 302. These are found in your inventory. The Coins of Courage are, obviously, what you get if the Item Level is 302 and above, and these go into your Currency. To exchange your Coins of Courage, you will need to take them to the PvP Vendor.

Lost Ark PvP Vendor

Currently, we do not yet know the exact location where the PvP Vendor will be. This vendor is set to become a part of the game when the PvP Season 1 starts later this month. So be sure to hold on to all of your Coins of Courage until then!

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