Lost Ark Eternity Essence Card

Lost Ark has finally been fully released in English, much to its long-waiting audience. Being such a huge game, Lost Ark has an abundance of enemies to fight, quests to solve, collectibles to gather, and powerful loot to obtain. Of course, since it has so much content, it’s no wonder that what some of it does is not particularly clear. For example, when players get a hold of the Eternity Essence Card, they will probably be confused over how it works. Since it is a card, when you right-click on it, it should then be visible in your card collection. However, this isn’t the case. So, what does this card actually do? In this Lost Ark Eternity Essence Card guide, we will provide the answer to that very question.

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Lost Ark Eternity Essence Card

How to Use Eternity Essence in Lost Ark

The description for this item doesn’t provide too much information about what it actually does: “The mysterious essence of eternity. It is said that an ancient race, long vanished from the world, left it behind.” One of the many mysteries of Lost Ark, similar to the Key Swallowed by Mimic item. When you right-click on it, it will disappear from your inventory. You would expect to then see it in your card collection. Instead of that, what actually happens is that, when you consume it, you will gain exactly 1500 card XP enhancement points. This XP goes into a special pool that is used to level up your cards. Press Alt + C to go into the “Enhance” tab. Here, you can spend this currency to upgrade your cards.

And that’s what the Eternity Essence Card is for. Very simple, once you understand what the trick is about. We hope that you have found this Lost Ark guide useful. We have plenty of other such content in our Lost Ark archive, and we invite you to take a look.

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