Fragrance and Fish Lost Ark Panda Island Token

Once you have unlocked your first ship in Lost Ark, the entire game world will open up, and only then will you realize how big the game really is. Besides different continents, you can now also sail to far-away islands. Of course, each of these has its own assorted quests and other such content. Take Panda Island as an example. To be able to get the Panda Island Token, you will first need to complete the “Fragrance and Fish” quest there. Though, this quest is by no means simple to solve, since you need to find several hidden points on a map. Our Fragrance and Fish Lost Ark Panda Island Token guide will show you where all three of these are located.

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Fragrance and Fish Lost Ark Locations

Again, you won’t be able to take on this quest until after you have unlocked your starting boat. After that, you will gain the ability to sail to various islands in the world of Lost Ark. One of these is called Panda Island. It is, unsurprisingly, populated by pandas. You can find it very easily on your World Map, it is situated between Arthetine and Anikka. When you get there, you can receive the “Fragrance and Fish” quest from Chungshu. This quest requires that you discover three hidden spots. These are: “A place behind a stone lantern.”, A place past the panda.”, and “A place that crosses with the cliff.”

Even though the map is small by itself, the problem with this quest, and what has so many players stumped, is that these locations are in hidden spots which cannot be seen on the map. < When you get to these locations, you will enter secret areas and essentially "go off-map". When you reach the final spot, the quest is complete and you can claim your rewards.

Fragrance and Fish locations
Fragrance and Fish locations,
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