Lost Ark Best Ships

Lost Ark Ships are a very important feature that lets you explore the map and advance through the game. Unfortunately, before you start sailing and exploring new continents, you’ll have to invest around 15 hours into the main story. And then pops up the main question “which ship is the best ship in Lost Ark?“. Well, in this guide, we’re going to find the answer to that very question.

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Lost Ark Best Ships

How to unlock Ships & Sailing in Lost Ark

Once you hit level 35 and the main story brings you to Wavestrand Port in East Luterra, you’ll get the quest called Set Sail. This quest will teach you the basics of sailing and introduce sailing as an addition to the fast travel system. Some islands and their treasures, like island hearts, you can only reach with ships. The quest rewards you with your first ship – Estoque. Although it’s a basic model, it has good resistances against the various threats of the sea. Overall, it’s a very good choice and you don’t really need to bother with any other ship if you just want a vessel that will take you from point A to point B. But if you do, our next section will cover those as well.

Lost Ark Best Ships

There are 8 different ship classes, with different base stats and resistances: Estoque, White Wind, Sturmbrecher, Eurus, Brahms, Tragon, Astray, and Eibern’s Wound. You will unlock most of them through quests. At the start, your ship has different starting values for each resistance, usually between 12 and 50. Upgrading your ship will increase those stats and give you additional bonuses including sailing speed, better ship durability, and other sorts of resistances. As you upgrade the ship you’ll be able to carry more sailors and increase your crew. Sailors are also a very important part of the ship – since each of them has different stats that will increase or decrease your ship stats.

For example, Cals is a Sailor from East Luterra, Wavestrand Port, and this NPC will give you resistance against storms, and 4 knot speed bonus – a great choice for the Estoque. Astray is the fastest ship (though getting it takes a lot of grinding), and you should get the following sailors for it: Barakas, Blackfang, Fordin, and Wilhelm. Barkstorm. When you get Eibern the ghost ship, you will only need Berald for your crew, as this sailor will provide a powerful boost for this ship.

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