Hoarfrost Robbers Lost Ark Where it Belongs Quest

The Lost Ark Hoarfrost Robbers in the Where it Belongs quest are enemies that you have to defeat in order to complete the mission. To defeat the Hoarfrost Robbers for Una’s daily quest, you need to know where to farm them efficiently. As it turns out, there’s only really one place to do this, as we’re going to explain in this guide. Let’s dive in.

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hoarfrost robbers lost ark where it belongs quest
Hoarfrost Robbers Lost Ark Where it Belongs Quest

Where it Belongs Lost Ark – Hoarfrost Robbers Location

The location of the Hoarfrost Robbers in the Lost Ark Where it Belongs quest is in the far north of the world map. Specifically, you need to go to the continent of Shushire. Once there, go to the region called Frozen Sea. When you open the map of the Frozen Sea area, you’ll see that there’s a chunk in the bottom right that’s called Robber’s Territory. As you can probably guess based on the name, the place is positively lousy with Hoarfrost Robbers for you to defeat. You can also find them in the Ship Graveyard in the northwest, but Robber’s Territory is definitely the place to farm. Once you have as much loot as you need, talk to the NPC called Dyson, who’s also in Frozen Sea (aka the question mark in the west of the map).

So, that’s where you can find the location of Lost Ark Hoarfrost Robbers and defeat them for the Where it Belongs daily quest. It’s fairly simple to complete once you know where to go – you just have to slay fifty robbers and collect their loot. Basically, it’s mindless busywork, just like the majority of the other quests in this game. The only real catch is figuring out where these marauders congregate. Incidentally, Where it Belongs is one of several quests that you can get from Una, just like Ride the Wind. For the amount of work you do, the rewards are actually really good, so you should definitely not ignore it.

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