Get Respect Emote and Polite Emote Lost Ark

You need to get the Respect emote and Polite Emote in Lost Ark to complete the Luterran Lord side quest. You need to perform the two emotes in front of King Thirain, which sounds simple enough, but it sadly isn’t. Both of these emotes are locked behind quest chains that are both long and somewhat difficult to find in the first place. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

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get respect emote and polite emote lost ark
Get Respect Emote and Polite Emote Lost Ark

How to Get Respect Emote in Lost Ark

To get the Respect emote in Lost Ark, you’ll have to wait a lot longer than for the Polite emote. While you can get the quest that requires both emotes (“The Luterran Lord”) relatively early on, you won’t be able to finish it until way later in the game. By that, I mean you’ll have to play through the game until you unlock the ship and sail to Castle Vern. On the first level of the castle, you’ll get the quest called “Ealyn’s Gift” from the eponymous NPC. From there, you can just follow the mission to the Queen’s audience room, and that’s where you’ll meet another character that will teach you the emote.

Where to Learn Polite Emote in Lost Ark

You can learn the Polite emote in Lost Ark much earlier than the Respect emote. Specifically, you get it from the “Becoming a Queen” side quest, which you can get in Luterra Castle, in East Luterra. What you need to do is keep completing side quests in the area until you unlock “Becoming a Queen.” You pick the mission up from a barmaid called Vivian; you can find her in Neria’s Tavern. All this quest asks of you is to talk to a couple of people: Thirain, Meehan and, ultimately, Anessa, who is the expert on etiquette. She will make you do the emote a couple of times before she let’s you of the hook.

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