Lost Ark Morai Ruins Mokoko Seeds Locations Map

Morai Ruins are a dungeon in Lost Ark that contains eleven hidden Mokoko seeds. Mokoko seeds are a collectible that gives roster XP. Collecting enough of them can also net some cool rewards. Lost Ark Morai Ruins are unlocked once you complete the main story questline in Saladin Hills. It is the first big dungeon in the NA/EU version of the game. Things start to get really interesting because Morai Ruins Mokoko seeds are pretty well hidden. As you find them all you’ll unlock Secrets of Morai in-game achievement as well. With so many possible gains you should really try and collect them during your first run. We’ll help you find all Lost Ark Morai Ruins Mokoko seeds by showing you their location on the map and explaining how to get to the trickiest ones.

Lost Ark Morai Ruins Mokoko Seeds

Morai Ruins Seeds – Location Map

There are eleven Mokoko Seeds in Morai Ruins dungeon in Lost Ark. A few are easily found along your way through the dungeon. Some, you’ll need to find by breaking down hidden doors. You’ll encounter walking across, what seems like, impassable terrain for the first time. Bellow is a map of all Morai Ruins Seeds. There’s a number beside each location. Further explanation for trickier locations will be in the list bellow.

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Morai Ruins Seeds

All Lost Ark Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

1. The first Mokoko seed in Morai Ruins is found after you get separated from Armen. At the corner of that section of the map you should see a prompt to jump. It might only show up after you’ve defeated all the enemies there. Once you jump up and defeat a few more enemies the Mokoko seed is next to a hut, in the leftmost corner.

2. Activate the second water-blocking gate and then go slightly north. There are huts and a group of enemies there. You’ll find a Morai Clay Shaman Chief there as well. This mob is needed to fill out your Yudia Adventurer’s Tome. After you defeat all enemies next to the hut a jump point will appear. This takes you to the secret area with the Morai Ruins Seed.

3. Next, you’ll go down a zipline and face those big stone warriors. After you defeat all the enemies at that plateau you’ll see part of the edge is collapsed. Walk down the collapsed part. Descend down the pillar and to your immediate left will be two Mori Clay Warriors. After you defeat them the briar obstacle will disappear and then you can walk over a small beam to the spot with two hidden Morai Ruins Mokoko Seeds.

lost ark morai ruins third and fourth mokoko seeds

Hidden Morai Ruins Seeds

4. You’ll be able to pick up the next Mokoko Seeed after you defeat the mini-boss Gatekeeper Ramos. After the fight use the zipline. At the hallway where you land after the zipline go to its end. There’s a stone door to the left in the corner. Attack it until it breaks to reveal two collectibles.

5. This one is also hidden behind breakable doors. You’ll arrive to a corridor filled with marching Mori Clay Warriors. After you defeat them destroy the door at the location shown on the map. Jump down to a small ledge and then pickup your seventh Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed.

seventh seed morai ruins lost ark

6. These two seeds are well hidden. After you cross the river with the raft defeat some enemies and there’s a section you can climb, but don’t. Left of the climbable wall is a broken pillar leading downwards. Go across it to reach a spot under the bridge above. There are two Mokoko seeds hidden here.

lost ark mokoko seeds morai ruins eight and nine

7. Last two Morai Ruins Seeds are found very close to the above spot. Go back up the pillar where you collected the previous seeds. Climb up the wall at the hotspot. Do not climb up the second wall. There’s a small waterfall to the right of the next climbing spot. You can actually descend a short pillar into the water and then go behind the small waterfall to find the tenth and eleven seed.

Hidden Morai Ruins Mokoko Seeds
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