Lost Ark Salt Giant Location

The Lost Ark Salt Giant location is the area where you can find the boss of the Yudia continent. The process is complicated for several reasons. First off, you have to make it to the region where the monster spawns. Then, you need to figure out when it spawns and on what channel. And good luck trying to fight the Salt Giant on your own.

lost ark salt giant location
Lost Ark Salt Giant Location

Where to Find Salt Giant Boss in Lost Ark

To find the location of the Lost Ark Salt Giant boss, you need to go to the region called Aregal Salt Plains. This is in the north of the Saland Hill area, on the continent of Yudia. So, you’re gonna have to play through the game until you get to Yudia, and then explore around until you finally manage to battle your way to Saland Hill and the Aregal Salt Plains. You can always return there in a blink by using the Nomad Camp triport, and then just head to the east. It’s a relatively large area, but then again, the Salt Giant is a huge enemy, so you won’t have to look too hard before spotting it. The map screenshot below should help if you need extra guidance.

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where to find salt giant boss location in lost ark
Salt Giant boss location (click to zoom in)

So, yeah, that’s where you can find the location of the Salt Giant boss in Lost Ark. Just like the game’s first boss, Rudric, the creature spawns every thirty minutes on one of the channels. Keep an eye out on the chat, and as soon as someone calls out which channel the boss is on, switch over and dive into battle. While we’re on the subject, do not attempt the fight solo. The Salt Giant has over a million health points and enormous AoE attacks that can tear you to smithereens. Now, five or so people concentrating all their fire on the boss? That’s a different story. Good luck!

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