Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There is only one Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed location, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find or reach. In fact, the single mokoko collectible in this place is behind a wall of vines that you can’t remove until you have the right song. Not only that; even when you manage to get behind these vines, the seed will still not be visible directly. Therefore, we thought it only prudent to write this guide and show you how to get the Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed.

lost ark illusion bamboo island mokoko seed locations
Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed Locations

How to Get Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

To get the Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island mokoko seed, you need to go to the southeast of the island. We’ll show you exactly where you need to go in the screenshot below. Once you get there, you’ll see an archway that’s completely covered in vines. Now, if you’ve been exploring the game with any care, you’ve probably already come across one of these puzzles before. For example, there are two Loghill mokoko seeds hidden behind a nigh-identical overgrown arch. So, what are you supposed to do? Simply stand in front of the vines and play the Forest Minuet song. When the vines disappear, go inside the newly-unlocked area and check behind the left side of the arch. When you get the hand icon appears, complete the button prompt to collect the seed.

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how to get illusion bamboo island mokoko seed in lost ark

So, that’s where you get the Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark. It’s the only one in the whole place, so if you’re only looking for this particular collectible, you’re done here. On the off-chance that you don’t have the Forest Minuet song yet, feel free to check out our How to Get Forest Minuet, Lullaby Island guide. Basically, you have to play through the game until you get access to a boat, and then sail to Lullaby Island. Talk to Traveler Eclipse once you get there and complete the quests they give you. By the end of it, you’ll get the song that will help you remove vines blocking off sections of the map. Due to the nature of Lost Ark, there’s rarely anything super-critical behind these vines, but you need the collectibles for that sweet 100% completion of each zone.

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