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Lost Ark A Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story locations are scattered in several areas around Rethramis. Of course, each of them gives you a little hint as to where the next one is, but you need to move fast, lest you have to start over from the start. However, even the hints are not going to be enough if you’re not too familiar with the geography of Rethramis. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you where to find all the hidden stories in this group.

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a knight in shining armor hidden story location lost ark
A Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story Location – Lost Ark

Where to Find First Lost Ark Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story

The first Lost Ark Hidden Story in the A Knight in Shining Armor “series” is in Loghill, on the continent of Rethramis. Head to the Traveler’s Nook, near the center of the map, and head down the path leading north. Keep to the right, and you’ll see a coil of rope as soon as you pass the horses. Next to the rope is a small box that you can invenstigate, and that’s where you’ll find the Hidden Story collectible. The clue it gives us mentions a maple tree at the foot of Ankumo Mountain, so that’s exactly where we’re going. Continue down the path, to the north, until you cross over into the Ankumo Mountain area.

A Knight in Shining Armor
Hidden Story #1 location

Lost Ark Hidden Story – A Knight in Shining Armor Second Location – Maple Tree at the Foot of Ankumo Mountain

The location of the second Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story in Lost Ark is right at the south entrance into the Ankumo Mountain region, the one from Loghill. As soon as the mountain area loads in, head to the left. There will be two people with grey hoods sitting down and kvetching about something or other. Focus on the man on the left, and look to the left of him, in the greenery. You’ll find another small box on the ground, and that’s where the second Hidden Story is. The note mentions wounded soldiers on the border, which is a bit more obscure. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

lost ark knight in shinning aromr hidden story locations where to find
Hidden Story #2 location

Knight in Shining Armor Last Hidden Story Location in Lost Ark – Wounded Soldiers at the Border

The location of the third and final Lost Ark Shining Armor Hidden Story is in the Rethramis Border area. You can get there by trekking all the way to the north of the Ankumo Mountain region and cross over into Rethramis Border. From the south entrance into the area, head to the northeast, and then head to the east into the corner called Makeshift Infirmary. In a corner of the infirmary, you’ll see a cart full of sacks and boxes. There’s also a bundle on the ground next to the cart. Investigate it to get the third Hidden Story. To get the last bit of lore from it, find the story in your Adventurer’s Tome and highlight it.

hidden story locations lost ark where to find a knight in shining armor
Hidden Story #3 location
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