Lost Ark New Classes Release Date

If you are looking for the Lost Ark new classes release schedule, we have all the details you might need. Among many enticing qualities of Lost Ark, what RPG fans particularly love is its diverse set of unique classes and subclasses (advanced classes). The Korean MMO boasts five main classes divided into 15 distinctive advanced classes. With such class diversity, each player can find a class that perfectly suits their playstyle. Nonetheless, players are hungry for more. The next two confirmed advanced classes are Glavier and Destroyer, and here’s when are they coming to Lost Ark.

Lost Ark New Classes Release Date
Lost Ark Glavier Release date

Lost Ark New Classes Release Schedule

As we’ve already mentioned, the first two new confirmed classes set to join the roster of playable classes are Glavier and Destroyer. Smilegate, Lost Ark developers, is cautious with adding new content in Lost Ark, as they want players to feel like they have enough time to level up their existing characters and experience the game’s content at their own pace.

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However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a slew of new content planned for this spring. On the contrary, there are plenty of things to look forward to in April and May. It has been confirmed that the first new Lost Ark advanced class, Glavier, is set to be released in April. Though, the exact date is not yet been revealed. The next big patch should come on Thursday, April 14th, and that’s most likely when will they add the Glavier advanced class.

Lost Ark New Classes Release Date
The Destroyer Warrior advanced class is set to debut in Lost Ark in May

Regarding Destroyer, a Warrior advanced class, we know for certain that it will be added sometime in May. That was confirmed in the blog post outlining the roadmap for April and May. When it comes to the exact release date, things are less clear here. But, if we are to guess, our estimation is either May 12th or 19th. Destroyer is a hammer-wielding Warrior advanced class that boasts powers to “bend gravity to their will”. This allows them to aggressively handle enemies by slowing, launching, pushing and pulling them. Alongside Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer, they will be the fourth available Warrior advanced class,

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