Lost Ark Regria Wheat Bread & Giant Wheat Sack Location

As part of Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark you need to collect cooking supplies and one of them is Regria Wheat Bread that needs a giant wheat sack as an ingredient. Completing the Adventurer Tome’s entries help get unique rewards. Once you manage to complete all of Rethramis you will be able to claim Ignea Token. It can be traded for some of the coolest gear in the game. Cooking section is mostly easy to do. It can cost you quite a lot of silver, because you have to craft some stuff. We hope to help you find the giant wheat sack to craft Regria Wheat Bread in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Regria Wheat Bread Giant Wheat Sack Location

How to Get Regria Wheat Bread in Lost Ark?

To get Regria Wheat Bread in Lost Ark you need to visit merchant Hely in Prideholme. Tooltip in the Adventurer’s Tome explicitly says you can get this item in Prideholme through crafting with NPC Hely. She is a cook and is located in the south of Prideholme. You’ll recognize her because her icon on the map has a little chef’s hat on it. When you talk to her you’ll get a crafting window. Regria Wheat Bread needs one Giant Wheat Sack and 1400 silver to be crafted. Once you have those just click on Request and the item will go into your inventory. Right click on the newly crafted bread in your inventory and it will be added to your Adenturer’s Tome.

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How to Get Giant Wheat Sack and its Location in Lost Ark?

You need the Giant Wheat Sack to complete the Regria Wheat Bread recipe. When you hover over it in the merchant’s crafting window it says that you should search for it in Prideholme in a wagon full of wheat. Pridholme isn’t that big, but still you will have to know exactly where to look. I remembered from hunting for Mokoko seeds that there’s a couple of farms to the southeast. Where best to find a wagon full of wheat than next to a farm? So I went there and after exploring a bit found the wagon in question. You can investigate it and then you’ll get the giant wheat sack. Now go back to Hely.

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