Holy Potato with Teeth Marks Lost Ark

You need to get the Lost Ark Holy Potato with Teeth Marks in order to complete the Cooking Items section of the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome. There are several other items here, like the 500-year-old Mera Wine, and all of them have some kind of catch. In this case, it’s that you can only get the desired potato from one specific NPC. Once you get them to like you enough, that is.

get holy potato with teeth marks lost ark
Get Holy Potato with Teeth Marks Lost Ark

How to Get Holy Potato with Teeth Marks in Lost Ark

To get the Holy Potato with Teeth Marks in Lost Ark, you need to max out your rapport with Siera. If you don’t know who that is, she’s the bard that is usually chilling in the south of Prideholme. The area is called Prideholme Plaza, I believe. Her being a musician, you can hear her lute-strumming way before you see her. If you don’t know where she is, just check out the screenshots below. You will get several more prizes on this rapport-building mini-journey, but the one you’re after is the Special Potato. And, yes, it is an actual, literal potato which “exudes holy energy” and that someone has taken a bite out of.

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How to Increase Rapport with Siera in Lost Ark

To increase your rapport with Siera in Lost Ark and get the Holy Potato with Teeth Marks, you have to do the same things as you would with other NPCs. We cover it in our Lost Ark Rapport Guide, but here’s a quick tl;dr. There are three ways to raise your rapport with NPCs – giving gifts (limited to 99 a day), playing instruments (5 per day, can’t repeat songs) and showing emotes (5 per day, can’t repeat emotes). Each NPC has specific gifts and songs that they like. You don’t have to think too much about that, though. Just interact with the NPC, in this case Siera, and then select either “Give Gifts” or “Play Instrument,” and the game will show you their preferences. Easy-peasy.

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