Lost Ark Selected Region is Closed Error

The Lost Ark Selected Region is Closed error message is one of the most prevailing in the popular MMO. The Korean action MMO has taken over the world by storm in February 2022, but despite that, it still has some issues. Many errors and bugs are still plaguing Lost Ark, and one of them is the aforementioned message. Find out why are you getting the “Selected Region is Closed” message and if it can be fixed.

Lost Ark Selected Region is Closed Error
Lost Ark Selected Region is Closed Error – Image via Lost Ark forum user Bahlskra

Lost Ark Selected Region is Closed Error Explained

When players receive the “Selected Region is Closed” error message, it prevents them from connecting to a Lost Ark server. Naturally, this can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have much time to play the MMO. Since its release in Europe and NA, Lost Ark has been having issues with overcrowded servers and general instability. Players were forced to wait in seemingly endless queues, servers were going up and down, etc.

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But much time has passed since, and the community hoped that the server problems are a thing of the past, and yet, they still receive the infamous error message from time to time. Why is this happening and can you fix it? Well, you can not fix it as the problem is not on the server’s side. Rather, when players receive the “Selected Region is Closed” error message, that means that Lost Ark servers are offline for maintenance or hotfix.

Lost Ark developer SmileGate usually announces upfront when will the game go down for maintenance. And, during that period, you’ll get this error to inform you that there is currently maintenance going on. It doesn’t need to be global maintenance, it can be a localized downtime period in a specific region, you’ll still receive the “Selected Region is Closed” error message. Today, all Lost Ark servers and regions will be coming down on March 18th at 3:45 AM PT / 10:45 AM UTC / 11:45 AM CET for a hotfix. Downtime is estimated to last up to 2 hours.

And there you have it, now you know the exact reason why are you receiving this error. The next time you see the message, just check the official Lost Ark Twitter account. There, you’ll see if the game is currently offline for maintenance.

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