Lost Ark Tododo Song Bug Fix, Yudia Hidden Story

The Lost Ark Tododo Song Yudia Hidden Story bug fix is something that a number of players have already asked for. This is because they can’t interact with the fourth headstone, which is required to complete this Hidden Story. But is it actually a bug, or is there something else that’s happening behind the scenes and messing with you. Let’s find out together, shall we?

lost ark tododo song bug fix yudia hidden story
Lost Ark Tododo Song Bug Fix, Yudia Hidden Story

Lost Ark Tododo Song Locations

There are four Lost Ark Tododo Song locations, as we’ve said above. You can find them all in the area in the northwest of Saland Hill. We’ve marked all of them for you in the map below. You can clearly see that all of them are grouped very close together, and that’s by design. You will have to move between these four spots very quickly, as we’ll explain in the next section. Basically, long story short, you have to visit all four headstones within the time limit, or you’ll have to start over. That might cause some trouble, especially because the game doesn’t make it clear that you’re racing against the clock.

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tododo song lost ark yudia hidden story
Tododo Song locations (click to zoom in)

Lost Ark Tododo Song Bug Fix

There might not actually be a bug to fix with the Tododo Song Yudia Hidden Story. The catch is that you have about 30-40 seconds to get from one headstone to the other. This is true for all four of them. So, what you need to do is make sure that you’re not in combat while rushing from grave to grave. In other words, you should clear out the whole place of enemies to make things easier on yourself. Then, start the dash from the first to the fourth headstone. Use your mount if necessary. It might take a few practice tries, but you’ll get it eventually; just be patient and you’ll complete the hidden story soon enough.

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