Luigi's Mansion 3 Secret Room with Coin Painting in B1 Basement

The secret coin painting treasure room in B1 Basement in Luigi’s Mansion 3, near the staircase, is a room that you can enter once you have the appropriate skill, even though you can see it through a crack in the wall early on. You can’t get into the basement coin painting Luigi’s Mansion 3 secret room initially, so I can see people being confused trying to figure out how to enter it. That being the case, our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Secret Room with Coin Painting in B1 Basement will answer that question for you.

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Luigis Mansion 3 Secret Room with Coin Painting in B1 Basement
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Secret Room with Coin Painting in B1 Basement

How to Enter Secret Coin Painting Treasure Room in Luigi’s Mansion 3 B1 Basement?

To enter the secret coin painting treasure room in the B1 Basement area in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll have to proceed through the game until you get the Suction Shot ability, aka the plunger. You get it once you reach the fifth floor. Just keep pushing through the game’s story until you defeat the bellhop ghost and get the button for the fifth floor. Then, head up there. Don’t worry, you can’t miss the Suction Shot; professor E. Gadd will tell you everything you need to know pretty much the moment you step out of the elevator.

Once you have the Suction Shot, make your way back down to the hole through which you saw the Coin Painting the first time. Use the Suction Shot on the vending machine. Basically, aim at the machine, and hit Y to fire it. Use the Poltergust to suck in the cord. When the button prompt appears, hit A, and that will topple the vending machine. So, waltz on into the room and vacuum up everything that’s inside. Mind the spider ghost coming down from the ceiling.

As you’re vacuuming, you’ll notice that there’s nothing happening with the painting. What you have to do is aim a beam of Dark Light at the painting. Keep the Dark Light on the painting until all the treasure falls out. All that’s left at that point is for you to hoover up all that sweet, sweet gold.

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