Luigi's Mansion 3 Burn Spiderwebs - Transfer Fire from Fire Scene - 8F Paranormal Productions

Burn spiderwebs is one of the objectives in Luigi’s Mansion 3. It’s part of the Paranormal Productions level, on the 8th floor, and it requires you to complete a long chain of tasks in order to burn the spider webs holding the red megaphone. A lot of people are having trouble with it – with transferring fire from the fire scene to the spider scene, with completing the castle siege and more. Our Luigi’s Mansion 3 burn spiderwebs guide will show you how to complete the movie set portion of 8F Paranormal Productions.

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luigi's mansion 3 burn spiderwebs transfer fire from fire scene 8f paranormal productions
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Burn Spiderwebs – Transfer Fire from Fire Scene – 8F Paranormal Productions

How to transfer fire from fire scene to spider scene and burn spiderwebs?

To burn the spiderwebs, you’ll need to transfer the flame from the fire scene. But you’ll first need something to hold the flame. The torch from the castle siege can be used for this, but you can’t get up to the tower to get it. To get the torch, you’ll need to find a way up the tower. For this, you’ll need another prop, which you’ll have to use in the haunted well scene. For every scene, Luigi will have to interact with the camera while Gooigi play out the scene. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Grab the bucket from the director’s room and go to the haunted well (rightmost screen, with the purple light).
  2. While Luigi mans the camera, Gooigi should take the bucket and drop it into the well. He should then interact with the well. Grab the filled bucket from the ghost’s hands and go back to the director’s room.
  3. Go into the castle siege scene (yellow light).
  4. Put down the bucket and man the camera with Luigi. Gooigi will have to defeat all the ghosts that appear. Once the danger is over, grab the bucket with Gooigi, approach the plant by the wall and interact with it. Climb up the vine and onto the tower. Get the torch and bring it with you to the director’s room.
  5. Head into the fire scene (blue light).
  6. While Luigi works the camera, Gooigi will have to fight the firemen ghosts. Once they’re all defeated, grab the torch and put it in the flames.
  7. Bring the flaming torch into the director’s room and go into the spider scene (leftmost screen).
  8. Luigi should work the camera, while Gooigi pulls the lower part of the cardboard box with his plunger, then walks into it with the flaming torch. This will burn the spiderweb, allowing you to grab the megaphone and bring it to the director.

How to beat castle siege?

In order to complete the castle siege, you’ll need to grow the plant so you can climb the tower. For this, you’ll need a bucket filled with water. You’ll find the bucket near the director, and you can fill it by bringing it to the haunted well scene. While Luigi films, Gooigi should throw the bucket into the well, then approach it and press X. A ghost mannequin will rise from the well, with the filled bucket in its hands.